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  1. Draco18s is right.


    @EnergyPulse: You most likely will never need to use @SideOnly (and should not, too in fact). It normally just leads to NoSuch(Field|Method)Exceptions.


    @CaptainMiner: Normally you don't need to differentiate between SMP and SSP, since (as Draco pointed out) SSP is the same as SMP since 1.3. Why do you need this?


    I've had no issues with it

  2. Good luck doing it any other way.

    The way...Pahimar sets up his code might work, but I never got my eclipse working that way.


    And there's literally nothing bad about putting it with the rest of your source code.  Yes it'll get reobfuscated, but you don't need to add it to your release zip.


    Appears your good look wish worked, just added it as another project and added it to the build path and worked great :)




  3. Hello,


    I was wondering what the best method of adding the Buildcraft API to my development environment. I'm using the development environment Pahimar taught in episode 4. I know you can just add it to the MCP folder, but I would like to avoid that an would also like to be able to "play" the mod when I run Minecraft inside of Eclipse.




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