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  1. I have got a weird problem with a Block. Sometimes it do sent render the Json but instead north side of the Block is rendering the Water texture while facing south (so you can only see the block form one direction). I have no idea why only sometimes this happens and i haven't found anything relevant in the log files. Here some pics: http://imgur.com/a/qvW91 I don't think that the Jasos are wrong (because sometimes everything is working and the blockstate doesn't change) but maybe you find something. { "variants": { "light=0,type=0": { "model": "fp:leaves_tyros_0"}, "light=1,type=0": { "model": "fp:leaves_tyros_1"}, "light=2,type=0": { "model": "fp:leaves_tyros_2"}, "light=3,type=0": { "model": "fp:leaves_tyros_3"}, "light=4,type=0": { "model": "fp:leaves_tyros_4"}, "light=5,type=0": { "model": "fp:leaves_tyros_5"}, "light=6,type=0": { "model": "fp:leaves_tyros_6"}, "light=7,type=0": { "model": "fp:leaves_tyros_7"}, "light=8,type=0": { "model": "fp:leaves_tyros_8"}, "light=9,type=0": { "model": "fp:leaves_tyros_9"}, "light=10,type=0": { "model": "fp:leaves_tyros_10"}, "light=11,type=0": { "model": "fp:leaves_tyros_11"}, "light=12,type=0": { "model": "fp:leaves_tyros_12"}, "light=13,type=0": { "model": "fp:leaves_tyros_13"}, "light=14,type=0": { "model": "fp:leaves_tyros_14"}, "light=15,type=0": { "model": "fp:leaves_tyros_15"}, "type=1": { "model": "fp:#"}, "type=2": { "model": "fp:#"}, "type=3": { "model": "fp:#"} } } { "parent": "block/cube_all", "textures": { "all": "fp:blocks/tyros_frame0" } } (only the '0' is changing up to 15) I use a state mapper to remove the unused property's in the json
  2. I have got the same Problem too. Maybe this github code is wrong.
  3. I have created my own dimension and all work fine. But when I first enter the dimension, the chunks are loading and the Player is slowly moving down. So far nothing new, but if the player is moving down, he is inside a Blocks when the chunkloading is finished. And then the Player fell to death, because the top Block layer is only 1 Block high. Is there any event ore something like that, using to reset the player position ? This would fix the problem. in addition I think this is only a Client problem, because this also happens on Servers when chunks are not loading.
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