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  1. Yes, I'm pretty sure. The TileEntity would have a model where different parts rotate depending on which inventory around the TileEntity it is interacting with, if that makes sense. Code in an ItemStack (last topic) would tell it where to move/which inventory to interact with. I'm thinking this might be way more complex than a IBakedModel or something along those lines could provide.
  2. I'm working on a TileEntitySpecialRender for my robot. I'm wondering, since I have little experience with them in this version, how I should render my TileEntity? Would a Techne model be acceptable, or would I use a tessellator?
  3. Ok, thanks for the suggestions. I'll probably stick with NBT as I have no experience with WorldSavedData .
  4. I am working on a robot mod that adds robots that interact with nearby inventories. I am kind of stuck with this however. What I would like to do is have the players program the behaviors of the robots into an item (using a drag and drop interface maybe) that could be dropped into the robot's (or controller of a multiblock) gui. I am trying to wrap my head around how I would implement this. Any ideas? I was thinking I could save Json to the nbt of an item stack that would have instructions for what the robot would do, but I'm unsure if this would be feasable. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  5. I just realized that wasn't what you were asking. Ignore that.
  6. The only way I could think of is using block states, but someone will probably reply with a better way.
  7. Your @Mod.instance goes in your main mod class above a field whose type is your mod class. If you look at this tutorial there is an example in the first code snippet.
  8. I know you are probably working really hard on fixing stuff already, but when you get around to it, there is another issue. When I try to go to the second page of a thread, it shows a loading symbol that never actually loads. This isn't a big problem though, as I can reload the page and it loads just fine.
  9. In that one, SlashBlade is the issue I'm pretty sure. Talk to the mod author.
  10. Unless you are a Modder requiring support with your mod, do not post here.
  11. I think they are referring to the Nvidia driver issue.
  12. Well, my resources wouldn't work when I had a capital in ModId once. So technically some functionality didn't work with not lower case even then.
  13. This has been enforced as long as I have been modding, and I have been modding since 1.7.10. It didn't just start now, just so you know.
  14. Umm. Why are you even trying to "port" a bukkit plugin to a forge mod in the first place? They are not the same thing, they are way different. That said, if you want to make a mod, there are many tutorials. Here is a good one: http://shadowfacts.net/tutorials/forge-modding-111/
  15. Ok. I've changed it to RenderGameOverlayEvent.Post, but how would I render after an ElementType?
  16. I'm trying to build a hud to display information to the player. It's rendering really wierd, in that it is binding a texture to the vanilla lives, xp meter, food meter, etc. What am I doing wrong? Here is an image of what it's doing: Here is my code:
  17. If you're talking about making a bukket plugin this isn't the forum for it. This is the forge modder support forum. If you are using forge, show your code.
  18. I have created a custom capability using the documentation that I store in the player. My capability code is in the following package in my mod: https://github.com/WiseOwl5/EnviroMineRevived/tree/master/src/main/java/wiseowl5/EnviroMineRevived/Capability I am having no trouble attaching it. But how would I get the capability data stored in the player? I know it is probably EntityPlayer#capabilities , but what do I do with that to manipulate my capability data?
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