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  1. So I should have the mixin classes (what you called metadata) separate from the other part. Does forge support circular dependencies (coremod depending on mod and mod depending on that coremod)? If it does, then I can do that but it seems needlessly artificial and unnecessary separation to me. And the main reason I asked the question in the first place.


    My whole mod is completely open source so I'm absolutely fine with source visibility here. And I was interested in signing my jar anyway, now I just have a good reason to do it.

  2. 7 minutes ago, LexManos said:

    Feel free to explode if a coremod is installed without its handler mod.

    We already have a mechanic for depending on other mods, so you can do normal dependency resolution.

    Tweakers are considered coremods for this policy, Its all the same thing. As for Mixins I've already spoken to Mumfey and he's on board with this. He just needs to sign the Mixin library and he'll be good. However, Mixins is a special case in regards to #1. Its entire point is to be a library for other coremods so there isn't anything to 'separate' out. The intention is to stop coremods being required by mods who dont NEED them because they use a central/popular library.

    While I completely understand the intention and I agree with it (cubic chunks itself is being a "victim" of depending on coremod while the coremod part isn't needed, specifcially I optionally depend on MalisisCore for GUI). What you say is still a bit confusing and seemingly self-contradictory to me, but I will wait and see. Spong uses mixin too, so I will definitely see what they do. I'm in very similar situation here.

  3. While I do support changes regarding coremod as the idea (and completely agree with points 2 and 3 as-written), I'm a bit confused as to what the first part says about coremods that just can't have the mod and coremod part separated without the whole thing blowing up when any part is used without the other. While I know it's probably nto common, I want to know what the first policy says about my mod. With cubic chunks I can't for example have my any part of the mod working without coremod, and the coremod part can't work without other parts of the mod. Well, I actually use mixin which uses a tweaker, but this is outside of my control (and I could stop using mixin but it would be huge amount of work and has more potential for me breaking things).


    While in principle I could make the "coremod" part work by itself, it's not going to be of any use. If this really still applies in my case, I really hope it never becomes anything close to a requirement.

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  4. I'm trying to set up jenkins CI server for my project and when I build it I get the following error:



    I tried setting JAVA_HOME before building, it didn't work. Before running gradle JAVA_HOME is unset.

    So I thought that maybe it attempts to detect JAVA_HOME by using java executable directory. It was actually set to point to the executable in jdk directory.

    After changing it - I still get this error.

    Forge version: "1.8-"


    Any idea how to fix it?

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