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  1. I'm working on a PR for FML. Except I developed it all in a MinecraftForge dev environment, so I have to move it over to an FML dev environment. Other then that, it works. I'll post a link to the PR here when I submit it.

  2. I wrote something like this, I believe it requires an access transformer. I got as far as the 'vanish' part, not the 'unvanish' part. But, here's the code: https://github.com/keepcalm/ForgeCommands/blob/master/src/keepcalm/mods/forgecommands/api/VanishManager.java.


    The other problem I had was that when a player walked near the vanished player, the vanished player would flicker in and out of visibility. Perhaps see how the invisibility potion was done, and work out how to remove the particles?


  3. Let me tell you something. You are both - very nice and helpful. Thank you.

    You spend so many words on making clear how upset you are about people that ask simple questions. Instead, you could give answers. Not everyone out here is a programmer pro or just pro or just programmer, but a litte kindness would be much appreciated by all people, I think. It was you that said "I fixed #15", so when I read your comment that says "I fixed something" and then I notice the bug is still there, I should not tell you? How am I supposed to know that you fixed it, but didn't release the fixed version? Well, next time, spend more than 2 words on what's going on, so people would know better. Like "I fixed #15 but there are additional things that need improvement, as soon as that happend, I'll update."


    Thank you for your attention

    - a disappointed user.

    Well, if you're disappointed, you could try doing this yourself? It's a lot harder than people seem to think. Modders aren't all some kind of ninja coding wizards that snap their fingers and have an entire mod pop up. The general mantra is that 'if there's not a new version, the bugs won't be fixed'. I'm almost certain that if I removed this from github, I wouldn't get these complaints, because you wouldn't be able to see my progress. Quite frankly, I am doing this in my spare time, I am gaining absolutely nothing from doing this - I do this because I enjoy it. So please, be glad with what I do. Although it isn't the most stable piece of code ever, I honestly work to improve it - most afternoons after school I will sit down in front of my computer, and spend the afternoon trying to fix various bugs/get things working that didn't work the previous afternoon. So bear with me ;)


    But hey, if anyone has a spare Jenkins server lying around which i could use, speak up, and you'd have automated builds :P

  4. Say, for example, your username has Unicode in it (like ß or a Chinese/Japanese character), python misbehaves with that, so you need to put it somewhere with a normal folder name (so rather than C:\Users\fünnÿnàmê\forge, put forge in C:\forge or similar.

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