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  1. Thanks a lot both of you. That go me on the right track and I have this working nicely. For those interested (and for any further refinements, gotchas or improvements): I created a new basic ticker class that I registered in the preInit eventhandler routine of the main class: @EventHandler public void preInit (FMLPreInitializationEvent event) { . . FMLCommonHandler.instance().bus().register(new OBTicker("config/"+metafile)); and in the ticker class I created a subscribe event onServerTick routine that counts 200 ticks (5 seconds) and run
  2. Hi. Anyone know how to accomlish this with the Forge API? I have been searching for a number of days and simply can not find the appropriate information on the web. I wrote a simple bukkit plugin for our servers that writes out player positions into a file every 200 ticks, but I now need to write this for our Forge servers also. This meta data is used by scripts and programs outside of the minecraft server. Pretty Simple piece of code, but I simply haven't found suitable info to convert to Forge. I have the basic forge Mod running based on the example provided with Forge API. Bukk
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