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  1. Quick question(I think.)


    How can I create something to allow the player to climb up walls, like a spider would? This was from a book I had read earlier but this book was written for 1.8:


    public class WallClimb {



    public void climbWall(LivingUpdateEvent event) {

    if (!(event.getEntity() instanceof EntityPlayer)) {




    if (!event.getEntity().isCollidedHorizontally) {




    event.getEntity().motionY = 0.5;







  2. I've been searching for quite a few hours, and even given an hour or so to experiment myself with this, but I can not find or figure out a way to create a custom entity in 1.9. Are there any tutorials that I am missing or something?


    My apologies if this is in the wrong section, I just signed up to ask this question.

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