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  1. Whoops, I must have missed that, thanks. I'll annotate it, along with createNewTileEntity(). I've just tried removing all references to TileEntityBlockPlacer and replacing them with TileEntityDispenser. It works, but now, because the block uses a TileEntityDispenser, it shows 'Dispenser' at the top of the GUI rather than 'Block Placer'. I'm not really sure why TileEntityDispenser works but TileEntityBlockPlacer doesn't, especially as TileEntityBlockPlacer extends it and is exactly the same, except getName(). Perhaps it could be to do with the fact that TileEntityDispenser.stacks is private rather than protected?
  2. You're right about getBehavior and the various things in the tileentity - a lot of that was due to me blindly copying things from the dropper and dispenser, trying to fix the problem. I have now removed them. However, dispense() is called. My breakpoint is always hit.
  3. So I have a custom block which extends BlockDispenser - it's supposed to place blocks in its inventory when given a redstone signal. I had it working before, in 1.11, but now it doesn't seem to work. Instead of placing the block, it just makes a click noise and the entire inventory empties. I made some breakpoints and stepped through, and it appears that the problem is TileEntityBlockPlacer.getDispenseSlot() always returning -1. The cause of this seems to be that the stacks variable is always full of stacks of air. As for why that is, I'm not sure... Does anyone have any ideas? I haven't found anything useful yet online, and I'm not really sure where to go from here. The stacks are in the blockplacer, and they persist between minecraft reboots, and yet the list of stacks is empty... Block IBehaviorDispenseItem TileEntity
  4. Understood - I was just testing it to see whether it would fix this issue; evidently not.
  5. I'm also having this problem on Mac OS El Capitan. Changing mappings doesn't help. Looks like I'll have to make do with setupDevWorkspace for now.
  6. No, it still exists as double_stone_slab, metadata value 8. It can still be placed with /setblock 60 63 282 minecraft:double_stone_slab 8
  7. I'm not placing regular double stone slabs, I'm placing smooth double stone slabs, i.e. this: http://lh5.ggpht.com/2xdwbMAyszHT3nxQ7Ozal2hs6O-mqQYOf2UOKYx2nbpv8Ejn75tJGAeRZ8D_CrnVzsCCR8lzan6j0QH_Sy4ssnk=s400-rj-v1-c0xffffff[/img]
  8. I want a crafting recipe to give a smooth stone double slab, but it doesn't have an itemblock. However, I have no idea how to make or register an itemblock for it, because before I have just registered itemblocks in the block itself. So, my question is: How do I create an itemblock for the vanilla smooth double slab?
  9. This is my second mod, and I want to use Forge Energy. Problem is, it's so new that I can't really find much documentation on it. So how do I do it?
  10. So I have a block which can face different directions, like a piston. It works fine. However, the left and right textures are backwards! I can't work out why only these two faces are backwards, and nothing else is. JSON: https://github.com/williambl/EssentialFeatures/blob/master/src/main/resources/assets/essentialfeatures/blockstates/blockbreaker.json
  11. I don't get this... these two values, pos and thisPos, are exactly the same if the block is being looked at, and the log says so too, but they are apparently not equal??? Code: https://github.com/williambl/EssentialFeatures/blob/master/src/main/java/net/anti_quark/EssentialFeatures/common/tileentity/TileEntityViewedBlock.java
  12. My custom trades don't seem to be making any sense! Sometimes they fit perfectly with my code, other times they don't. Code: And here are the trades in-game: Trade 1, works as expected: Trade 2, doesn't work as expected: Trade 3, works as expected: Trade 4, doesn't work as expected:
  13. The Essential Features mod adds various vanilla-like features to Minecraft. It is designed to enhance the vanilla experience, but it still fits in well with other mods. The mod mainly focuses on adding building blocks, redstone, and music. What does it add? Screenshots/Videos:
  14. Interestingly, I am on a mac, which does seem to be (at least partly) case sensitive. Anyway, this thread can be locked now.
  15. Well aren't I an idiot. I guess that within Eclipse it isn't case-sensitive or something? Anyway, thanks.
  16. So, I am making a mod which currently only has one block (technically a tileentity) called the Viewed Block. When looked at, it emits a redstone signal. Everything works completely fine within Eclipse, as you can see here: However, when I build it and put it in my mods folder and run Minecraft (with the exact same version of forge), it looks like this: Here is my log: As you can see, we get a lot of Exception loading model for variant errors, which I had fixed within eclipse. Building it again didn't help. My code is at https://github.com/williambl/EssentialFeatures
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