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  1. I am unable to reproduce this issue in any environments.

    As Dies said, from external views it'd look like java is eating all the memory, but that's becuase that's how the JVM works it manages its own memory without releasing it to the OS.

    If its inside MC/Java, you can try making a meory dump with jprofiler or something, may give you a better idea whats holding the memory.

    But like I said, I can't reproduce this in any environments.

  2. Dont change the fact that we don't support custom launchers, as they are against Mojang's wishes as well as basic common sense of not enterring account info into 3rd party stuff.

    And we also don't support installing things with non-standard systems.

    AND 1.7.10 is years old, you should update.

    It still works, you can still use it. But if you have issues its on you to fix it yourself.

  3. This is a core issue in vanilla that has existed since its inception.

    They way that Items are rendered, is that the edge strip is generated by the CPU, by guessing where the GPU will place the pixels of the forward facing texture. Then the main texture is applied as one quad over top of it.

    The small white you see is where rounding errors happen and the CPU/GPU are disagreeing. There is no way to fix it beyond building a full model {not cheating like vanilla does and using one quad for the front of the item}

    This happens in every Minecraft version Modded or not, it varies based on Texture, CPU/GPU combo, and many other things.


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