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  1. I am currently working on a simple mod which removes the screen shaking effect which occurs when the player gets damaged. However the mixin I am using to try to remove the method body which shakes the screen does not seem to work/register. I would post the code here but I am unaware as to which parts are causing the issue (Whether it is Gradle, MDK, or the Sponge Mixin library). I am using the MDK and eclipse. 


    Repository: https://github.com/Technerder/NoHurtcamMod


    All help is greatly appreciated!

  2. Hello, i am relatively new to forge modding (im used to developing server plugins) and i would like to know how to get, the distance between the player with my mod and the other person he is fighting on a server. How would i accomplish this? 


    Aswell, could someone link me the official javadocs website?

  3. Hello,


    I was wondering if someone could write me a mod so that whenever I hit a certain button my attack and place key bindings are reversed. I already know bukkit programming and would write it myself but I don't have enough time to learn all the different functions from the forge API.

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