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  1. Thanks! Now my app is working properly!
  2. When you pause Minecraft and click options, then Controls, you are in the Keybindings menu. To change a binding, you have to click it, then press a key. Then te name of the key appears. Example: LSHIFT, RETURN, BACKSLASH... Does anyone know what code controls that? I am coding an app and want that same effect. Thanks in advance, ~TheSunCat
  3. Try printing the coords (with System.out) of the picked position for your structure. (IM BACK!) kinda.
  4. If you figure it out, that'll be quite helpful.
  5. Best. Mod. Idea. EVAR! Laying on the ground.... Is this possible? To override isBed() for every block already in the game?
  6. Wow... I am trying to make a mod like Good Night's Sleep, but for 1.11.2... U was wondering why I couldn't sleep. How would I fix that?
  7. For the sake of giving multiple options..... Still, please don't use that, it is a bad bad bad way... D':
  8. So there is a variable there that is equal to the sound being played? If so, then the obvious approach would be to cancel the event if the sound is the one being removed. (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵) Another method could be to completely cancel all the sounds and make your own "sound player". But PLEASE don't do this if there is a better way.
  9. How would holding an item while holding your item work? Also you can try rendering the item in the same method the first person view of the hand is rendered. Then check the right click event and see if the player is "holding" your item to do the item's action.
  10. I would do that through a custom resource pack that has the sound file replaced with a "no sound file". Or you could cancel the music play event? I am not sure what it is called... D:
  11. Hmm... We could check the ItemUseEvent and check if the player is looking at an EntityItemFrame, right?
  12. What about the Curse of Binding? That prevents a few ways... Dying is one problem. How would you handle that?
  13. You would register a sound like you would for mon sounds and set its category to Ambient.
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