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  1. Sorry, I have never tried this or Tampered much with WorldGen...
  2. What about the /locate command? It can locate a generated structure in the world. Look at the code, you might see something useful.
  3. It is a method in the class you extend.
  4. You are trying to find a biome on world generation? Check the seed algorithm. It defines where biomes would be.
  5. What are you trying to do exactly? You can check for the world decoration, or for the structure spawning, depending on what you want to make.
  6. Do you know how to use events? If not, try to play a bit with them until you get the hang of it. I am planning on making a tutorial on it, but I am taking a break from YT for a few weeks, so you will have to wait. You can still play around with events, change their behavior, or cancel them. A good starting point is to change the crafting GUI to the enchanting table one. Try to do that. Hint: You need an EventHandler.
  7. Yes, you need to send the update to the client, so it reads it and changes how the thirst level appears according to the value.
  8. Basically, the server has the information about the thirst, but the client has no idea. Update the client, or send it a packet.
  9. Apparently, you are not hitting the entity, just breaking the block behind it, which causes it to drop. Check F3+B. It will show collision boxes. Does your "block" have a collision box?
  10. My tuts are nowhere near finished, and I need to explain a bit better. That is why I am taking a few week's break on YT and preparing an ACTUAL VIDEO EDITOR so that my videos look a lot neater. Also, I will stop constantly going back and forth between my old and new code.
  11. Right next to where you do setBlockState to spawn your ore. If you follow my tutorials, I will explain that shortly in an upcoming video.
  12. You are very welcome. Don't hesitate to PM if you have any questions to ask me.
  13. By the way, you can check if something is generating easily if you do a System.out.println(pos.getX() + " " + pos.getY() + " " + pos.getZ()); That is how I check if my ores and generated structures spawn...
  14. What do you mean? It does not do anything?
  15. Thanks, I did not know they had no HP field. I knew about the "zero damage", though. Also, is it possible to add a custom painting without replacing the actual painting file?
  16. I had the same problem not long ago, look at my post history. Also, if I say something and someone contradicts it, then I am probably wrong. I'm kinda new to "complex" rendering...
  17. Paintings don't have a break time. They have 1HP, drop a painting item (which is actually a spawn egg ). Same with item frames.
  18. Look at the code from Lhykos. Also, you don't need to create a "variable", you set it and it creates itself.
  19. I tried that, and adding a counter, but it refuses to work.
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