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  1. Tracking range is the range at which the entity will be "see-able". Have you noticed that items seem to despawn when you get far away, but when you get in range, they respawn?
  2. But.. How does this class get run? From my ClientProxy, I assume?
  3. Thanks! Where do I register this? (I have next to no experience with rendering )
  4. Could we see the code? Would help me a lot... I am making a Terraria mod, and need a "character creator", that would enable you to customize a character. I would need to render it as you did. Thanks!
  5. To learn how to make a Teleporter class. I don't have that class, so that is what is causing the crash.
  6. Check for the block under the entity, test for it being grass. Then set a dirt block in that same pos. The only this is going to be server lag. But surely someone can figure out how to solve that issue.
  7. What about the Teleporter? I am now getting a crash consistently when entering the dimension (using an item rightclick) saying I have a NullPointer on my teleporter (I don't have a teleporter). I can't even go into my dimension! Sorry, I can't post the crash right now, I am on my iPad.
  8. I want to make a dimension similar to Twilight Forest, but with a flying Strawberry Boss instead of the Naga.
  9. Right. I will do that. Thanks! BTW, how would you make a "multi-biome" dimension? And can I use bo2's for tree generation?
  10. Then what do I set as DymensionType? It is required, right? Do I create a variable equal to the DimensionType registry? How would I do this?
  11. Hello! I have been looking around and playing with code and made my own dimension! It is however EXTREMELY laggy, runs at an average of 1.03 FPS, and has no portal. How would I fix all these problems? The code I have so far is: I know the ChunkProviderSandbox is a copy of the Superflat world generator, but I want my dimension to be a single layer of Bedrock, for testing. The portal is not really an issue, I just don't know how to make a Teleporter and a BlockPortal. Any help? Thanks for reading.
  12. That makes more sense... Thanks diesieben07! I did not know that... Now I feel sad I gave the wrong advice...
  13. Hmm. This post confuses me. Are you rendering a FakePlayer at the top left of the screen at all times as an overlay, like the Xbox? Or are you rendering it in the inventory? Do you know that the player is already rendered in the inventory? ???? ????????? ????
  14. Yay! How do you applaud? Or "Thank You!"?
  15. You... Find FakePlayer good? A FakePlayer is what you use to render the player outside of the world, or that you use to break blocks "mysteriously". A FakePlayer has nothing to do with a custom client...
  16. Export your mod. Create a server with Minecraft Forge. Install the mod. Agree to EULA. Try it there.
  17. You mean a minecraft.jar? Forge is used to create mods, and add on stuff to MC. I don't see why you would want to make a custom minecraft.jar file...
  18. I have never actually made custom leaves... But you can check out Biomes O' Plenty, it makes a couple custom leaves. Good luck on this topic.
  19. Your "fast" version of leaves has to have a non-transparent texture. That is how vanilla leaves work.
  20. Search your whole project from File Explorer. You should be able to find it...
  21. Close Minecraft. Click on "Edit Profile" (if on the NEW LAUNCHER, click on a profile). Look at the Game Directory text field. Navigate to that using your favorite file explorer (the process is different depending on the platform). You should now either be on the .minecraftfolder, or a custom Minecraft directory that you set up. There should be a folder called mods. Before proceeding, MAKE SURE THAT MINECRAFT IS CLOSED. Delete the mod, or move it away from the folder. Wait for the action to complete. Launch Minecraft. PS: If your mod has more than one "part" (a coremod?), make sure to have deleted all parts of the mod. If MC still crashes, then post the Crash Report.
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