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  1. You want to check instanceof EntityLiving, then cast.
  2. I think he means that no tool with silk touch can harvest it, and will get the drop that he set...
  3. Smooth Lighting? Do a file search for "light" and see the classes that come up.
  4. Do what I said in the bulleted list, but use what diesieben07 said to get the player variable.
  5. You probably want to use diesieben07's method for getting the player... Mine was just a guess.
  6. Oh wait. The drops are for the block. Well, you can do the same thing for them. I believe.
  7. Alright, weird idea: Create an EntityPlayer variable and set it to null. Get the entity from a different event (e.j.: onUpdate ). Check if the entity is instanceof EntityPlayer. Set your player variable to it. Check if playerIn is not null in your drop method. Then set the hardness with that if statement the we saw before.
  8. Chrome iOS glitch? Whenever I scroll through the code, the screen "shakes"... Very frustrating...
  9. Thanks. I am currently busy, but will check someday this week.
  10. Happy you solved it! Could you show some code? I would like to make a custom arrow too, for Terracraft, a mod I am working on.
  11. Hmm... Could you send me the code in the vanilla Item.class file? I am on my iPad, so I cannot check if a field exists or not.
  12. So you know how to do it? How? The player in Terraria has 100 starting health, it can be increased with Life Crystals (increases max by 20 HP) up to 400 HP. I want to use this type of health instead of the vanilla so that I can deal small amounts of damage, like 5 HP, and not take one-fourth of the player's health (one of the weakest mobs in Terraria, the Green Slime, deals 5 damage, but it would be OP in Minecraft)!
  13. Sorry, I have been busy for the past few days... I will update when I am able to test. Replying from my iPad right now.
  14. That is where I usually mess up... My first instinct would be to Minecraft.getMinecraft.player , but that works in a very weird way... Is there a player variable in the Item class? Maybe you can use that? I can't check right now since I am using my iPad, but I think I have seen a variable like that... If there is not one, you can go with the entity that is holding the item, and check instanceof EntityPlayer . I don't know though. Good luck!
  15. Continue unless it is on a completely different aspect of the item.
  16. Get the player, and the new do if(playerIn.getHeldItem == ModItems.YOUR_TOOL_VARIABLE) { return Item.getItemFromBlock(ModBocks.YOUR_BLOCK_VARIABLE); } else { return ModItems.YOUR_ITEM_VARIABLE; } I am typing on my iPad, so I can't refer to eclipse, but this approximately the way I would do it.
  17. Maybe you can look at how the Dungeon spawns? I have not played with structure gen for a while...
  18. Very interesting, would be useful for my Terracraft mod. Don't know how to get started though...
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