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  1. If you have not, download mods from curseforge, for the game version you are using forge with. Then put the mods in mods folder, one by one, some may require a coremod, so it will "crash" asking you to add a mod, add it, then keep going.


    Also, Yes, Please update Java, it would probably fix the issues.

  2. Hey, I have my smelting recipes, and they work, but how can I have a pulverization/maceration recipe for my ore to be pulverized into two dusts in a macerator or pulverizer? Right now I have IC2 installed, and am unable to find a way to make that recipe, does it go in the same class as my smelting recipes, or is this a json thing? How can I implement this?



  3. Ok, I just used this... I was unsure of the itemstacks, Like return Moditems.x wasn't working. 


    public Item getItemDropped(IBlockState state, Random rand, int fortune) {
              return YourItemClassName.ItemYouWantToDrop;
        public int quantityDropped(IBlockState state, int fortune, Random random) {
              return random.nextInt(2) + 1;               // <--- This will drop 1 to 2 items, and the +1 is so its not from 0 to 2. 


  4. 2 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

    You know how a List works in Java, yes? If not, you need to go learn basic Java.

    Ok, I understand that the arraylist was used in 1.7 and not 1.12.2, I cannot find anything useful, and yes (I hope...) , for example you can take numbers, then print them out in the console, added or not. 


    What exactly do I need to put where? Currently I am trying to find something similar to this in other peoples source, and right now am having no luck.

  5. 4 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

    That is impossible there is no ArrayList-returning getDrops in latest Forge.

    Ok, In my OreBlocks source I added this

    public void getDrops(NonNullList<ItemStack> drops, IBlockAccess world, BlockPos pos, IBlockState state, int fortune) {


    But what do I put inside the brackets, getDrops(); just gets crossed out with an error and drops.* has nothing useful. 

  6. 8 minutes ago, larsgerrits said:

    Override Block#getDrops.


    Also, the IHasModel method of registering models makes no sense. Every Block and Item needs a model.

    Eclipse suggested I add this into BlockBase class

    public ArrayList<ItemStack> getDrops(World world, int x, int y, int z, int metadata, int fortune) {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
            return null;


    I put this in the OreBlock class

         public ArrayList<ItemStack> getDrops(World world, int x, int y, int z, int metadata, int fortune) {
         ArrayList<ItemStack> stack = super.getDrops(world, x, y, z, metadata, fortune);
         stack.add(new ItemStack(Items.APPLE, 2));
         return stack;


    I get NO errors when loading, running or exiting the client. It does not drop an APPLE, Which I am using for simplicity, and to drop 2 of them. 


    Is this what you mean by Override Block#getDrops? I'm really dumb, sorry, trying to learn this for the 4th time, tried in 1.6, failed, 1.7, failed, .1.10, failed, trying 1.12.2

  7. Forge 1.12.2

    Hopefully I am asking in the correct place! How can I make my blocks in my mod drop specific items, or a list of items. I have googled this already, and found that nothing is 'working' I get no errors once I fix the things Eclipse Oxygen.2 tells me to do, and the game runs and starts with no error, but does not drop what I want when I break the block.. again with no error!  I am sorry that I have not been able to successfully google something that is clear for my stupid mind to comprehend, so I post here for help, I hope. 


    How and where can I implement a custom block drop?  I'll post some images of my work space so you can tell me where I need to put what and how. I'll open some classes too, which I feel might need to have something changed. 

    Screenshot 1.PNG



    Normal Block reference for oreblock.PNG




    Registry Handler.PNG

  8. 10 minutes ago, MoeBoy76 said:

    i would first try using -noguii to disable the server GUI

    Alright I will try that too. I was looking how to disable that anyways, thanks! 


    EDIT: Worked! That was something I guessed would be last resort, and well, disabling the UI helped a lot! Thanks! Wonder why it was like that, probably trying to live update the ram/tps information. 

    Hey, Also the VisualVM Program will come in handy someday, Thanks again! :) #lyfesaverz


  9. 17 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

    Next step would be to use a profiler (VisualVM is free) to see what is taking up all the CPU.

    I'll try that.

    I looked in Task Manager, and it said the server "Javac . . . " or something similar to that was taking up the usage, I set it to two cores and then the two cores (1 and 2) were maxed, stopped server, no longer maxed. 

  10. On 4/17/2017 at 10:34 AM, diesieben07 said:

    And you 100% sure that it's the server lagging, not the client?

    I am 101% sure that this is server lagg. As I show in one of the pictures, or two I forget but the client is closed, with the server running, causing the lag spikes. (And terrible TPS I would assume, because it can take about 5 seconds to open an interface) 

  11. 1 hour ago, diesieben07 said:

    Please post the complete JVM arguments.


    8 hours ago, Leomelonseeds said:

    Must be a bug with forge itself. I wonder if anyone else has this problem? If so, then problem must be forge's.


    EDIT: Do you have any log output?



    There is no errors in console accept for the can't keep up one..


    And here are your JVM Arguments for the server, which is the only lagy thing on it or not on it. 


    title HHSModded - Console - 1.10.2
    cd Servers
    cd HHS10Modded
    java -Xmx6G -Xms6G -jar Forge.jar -o true


    Thats it. "-Xmx6g -Xms6g" for the ram amount. I tried with -o true and without it, no change. 

  12. Are the mods compatible with 1.10.2 and/or your version of Forge? Do the mods have a conflict with each other? You should provide a download link with the crash log. 

    How to find it: %appdata% in your search menu. 

    Go to .minecraft

    Then go to "Crash-Reports" Folder, then latest one. Post it here for someone to see if they can find an issue. 

  13. Yea. I try every version of forge that works with my pack. They have PLENTY of information here to look at and try to even guess, if not, have a solution. I have now updated java, still, no fix. Updated all drivers. No. Fix. 

  14. Since I am on my Windows 10 PC tablet, The small buttons like edit do not work. :(

    I try running the forge server on this tablet, and it had the same issue, so It can't be a cpu compatibility problem like there used to be back in 1.2 or something with Xeons. 

  15. Minecraft Forge version  (RECOMMENDED) on server side, seems to lag as I add more mods to it.

    With little to no mods, it does not lag as much, but as I add more mods the spiking gets worse. It has about a 1.5 second delay when I run (Not play on) the server! 

    I also try other versions of forge, same issue.

    Computer Specs: I5 4690k Overclocked to 4.27 Ghz and it runs nice n' cool with fairly low voltage, about 100-105*F.  I also have 14 GB of DDR3 Ram. Asus Maximuss VII Hero. 


    I used to run 8 other regular bukkit/spigot and vanilla servers, It worked all fine and when at idle, 1.5% CPU usage as if they didn't exist. I now wish to host a modded server.

    Now, Here is an Image with client running, server and this webpage along with speed fan so I can see my temps.

    Note: I am just about unable to use the console window or the one that is open in CMD. I have set the priority to high on all 4 cores and it didn't help. I am running around 1200 ticks behind. :/

    Note: I run the SAME world in single player with the same mods n' all, and I get NO lag what so ever.


    Here is a picture of Cpu usage.


    Now with none of the mods, 

    Now with no mods, and client is not running. . . (Spike was from snipping tool)

    Now without the server or client running...


    One last time, Something is wrong with the versions of forge (1.10) idk about 1.11 but they have this lag spike issue, and with more mods it just gets worse!! I have about 73 mods! I used to be able to run 212 with my old pack on 1.7, and when I wasnt playing or anything it would idle at about 15% cpu usage, so whats up here? 

    The world is not causing the problem, because it works fine on the client while playing, but on the server, no. With a fresh world on the server, same issue.


    A while ago I tested to see if it was one particular mod, but I failed because I tested all of them individually (with their respective core mods) 


    Anybody able to help out here??? (Also, I don't have the /timings command, thought that was built in though but whatever)





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