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  1. i keep getting error code 1 when starting up minecraft and can't see why. please help crash log: https://gist.github.com/MrSmiles-code/0b62b2e2ea4490c2b56d4dcd8163091c
  2. I am at my wits end with a repeated crash if I stay in an inventory for to long it crashes and has crashed at least 20-40 times with this crash. I'm ready to scream because it's the same error over and over can someone please help me figure out what mod is causing this Crashlog
  3. im trying to play atm9 and got a crash error, code 1, so i though someone here could help me, here it is the pastebin of the crash report https://pastebin.com/5XtYp6VM
  4. Here's the crash log, I don't know what to do to fix it. https://paste.ee/p/TTwyw
  5. The game crashed whilst initializing game Error: java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: class net.coderbot.iris.gui.option.ShadowDistanceOption cannot inherit from final class net.minecraft.client.OptionInstance, is the crash error on the launcher, here is the crash log: https://pastebin.com/4jvQcAga
  6. Disclaimer: this is an updated version of a post I made a few days ago with the debug log of the official Minecraft launcher, not curse forge, also making this because my previous Pastebin was deleted for some reason. I am going to paste what I said the other day for reference. link : https://pastebin.com/RQcFGqpW " Hello, I am crashing upon attempting to load Minecraft under the forge launcher. First, I should start with the paste bin. ---DELETED---. This was on the curse forge launcher as I could not find the log for the forge file installer. But I had the same issue on both so this should suffice. I have spent the past 5-6 hours on this and have tried many options, so I'll list my troubles so far. I installed both Java 8 and 17, I then installed Minecraft from Minecraft.net, I already had the launcher apparently, so I didn't actually use that installation method until later (Minecraft dungeons on pc). I ran Minecraft on version 1.20.1 and the snapshot in advance and then closed Minecraft (I have done this all several years ago I should mention). I then attempted to run both the stable and latest release of the forge launcher, and received error code 1 on both, I reinstalled both java and Minecraft 3 times during the course of this and led to nothing. I then went and updated all of my drivers (ROG ZEPHYRUS G14 is the model, requiring ASUS drivers and already has a built-in app for driver updates. All to my knowledge correct versions of java, Minecraft, forge, and drivers alike. I then tried the curseforge launcher, eventually led to the same result. However, this time given a notepad with the crash log as provided on the Pastebin, only censoring necessary information for privacy concerns. I also tried reinstalling curse forge while I was at it with no luck. I then read the crash logs and came across an error discussed in this article https://howfix.net/games/fix-minecraft-exception_access_violation-0xc0000005-error/#:~:text=Fixing EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) error 1 Reinstalling Java First,DEP ... 5 Changing the Options File . And this also did nothing to help my cause. and that leads me to now. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated as I truly do not know what else to do. "
  7. Debug log: https://mclo.gs/PQ7cu3N Latest log: https://mclo.gs/2zNHfoX Crash report https://mclo.gs/8aaIdOG first time setting up a server in a long while, and i cant find much on this issue
  8. Basically what the title says, nothing to add, tried getting help for this but was ignored, here is the crash report: https://gist.github.com/Juaum12412/c07d6b414c87ac3110ee538f22af266c
  9. Basically what the titles says, I'll leave the log here to anyone that can help me Debug https://gist.github.com/Juaum12412/fa13f729a76334b11370ac56578c2170 Lastest https://gist.github.com/Juaum12412/1912dbcbc6a07cf6521936eefa027807 Crash report https://gist.github.com/Juaum12412/e9816bb583eccd9f2845f16288f96c2f Launcher https://gist.github.com/Juaum12412/1a16d1199af741e5b7c097de3d19e50c
  10. So basically what happens in that the server kicks me out when i get into some well.. random spots one could say. Server crashes and closes and after attempting to get back on it will keep crashing until I get teleported out of that place it crashed in, then the server launches no problem and the issue is gone theoretically. But when I get to that same spot again it will happen all over again. Not sure what could be causing the issue (I guess one of the mods but I haven't been able to pinpoint which one nor track the crash log to any other thread / find someone with same issue) Any ideas? Few of such spots are quite close to the spawn/base area which quite limits the ability to build new stuff https://pastebin.com/EZPvy5X7
  11. Not much to explain, I'll leave the logs here Lastest log: https://gist.github.com/Juaum12412/3a1a55b1c5aa6e0882a9bc444473227b Debug log: https://gist.github.com/Juaum12412/a94f85627f9fd1fdcaf312803677c64d Launcher log: https://gist.github.com/Juaum12412/89fd31350cccb828e8d71e032b54be0a
  12. Everything I join my modded server I get this error: Internal Exception: com.google.gson.JsonSyntaxException: com.google.gson.stream.MalformedJsonException: Use JsonReader.setLenient(true) to accept malformed JSON at line 1 column 1 path $ I believe this is only an issue with me since other people that join don't get this error.
  13. What does this error mean? error: java.lang.nullpointerexception: cannot invoke "net.minecraft.client.renderer.texture.textureatlassprite.m.11836 because "sprite" is null I have a friend that can't join my modded server due to this for whatever reason.
  14. I've been trying to load up minecraft with 54 mods through the curseforge launcher but it keeps crashing, giving me the title's error. I attempted to find solutions to this problem but simply couldn't. Sorry if I've done anything wrong as this is my first time posting on a forum like this. Crash Report: https://pastebin.com/JpmcNiq8
  15. The Minecraft 1.20.1 server I have ran fine for 2 days, until it eventually gets stuck at the minecraft:overworld preparation, without progressing any further. Right now the server runs on a 3072MB RAM. I can't figure out where the problem is, besides thinking it might need more RAM, any help would be appreciated. latest log: https://paste.ee/p/LAqBs mod list: - Sophisticated Backpacks - Sophisticated Core - Let's Do API - Let's Do Candlelight - Ad Astra - Alex's Mobs - Apple Skin - Applied Energistics - Architectury - Balm - Botarium - Bygone Nether - Canary - Chisels & Bits - ChoiceTheorem's Overhauled Village - Citadel - Cloth Config API - Clumps - Create - Create Crafts & Additions - Create Sabers - Create Steam & Rails - Cristel Lib - DePhoegons' Chocobo - DePhoegons' Reclaim - Easy Anvils - Easy Magic - Entity Culling - Fastload - FPS Reducer - Friends&Foes - Inventorio - Iron Chests - Just Enough Items - Kiwi - Kotlin - Macaw's Bridges - Macaw's Fences - Macaw's Lights - Macaw's Trapdoors - Macaw's Windows - Mod Name Tooltip - Moonlight Lib - Mouse Tweaks - MrCrayfish's Forniture - Nullscape - OpenBlocks Elevators - Placebo - Plushie Mod - Puzzles Lib - Resourceful Config - Resourceful LIb - Silent Gear - Silent Lib - Smooth Boot - Spark - Starlight - Statues - Storage Drawers - SuperMartijn's Config Lib - SuperMartijn's Core Lib - The Aether - Toast Control - VanillaTweaks
  16. Hello, for an unknow reason my forge 1.20.1 ( [recommanded verssion]) crash everytime i want to launch him, even without mod. I checked a lot of post on reddit and forge and try to uninstall and reinstall forge, i try to update my driver, down grade to jdk 17 and many other things, but nothings seems to work. Can please someone help me and explain to me what is happening? (Maybe i did something in the above wrong so...) Here are the pastbin for a text document that appear after the crash of my luncher in my game files: https://pastebin.com/yrwzSE49 And here is my latest minecraft launcher crash log: https://pastebin.com/dTkQqs3s Thank you in advance for the help!
  17. Hello everyone. I've installed a fresh version of forge for Minecraft 1.20.1 (47.2.0) https://paste.ee/p/xY0we and wanted to play. When I try to create a new world or try to launch an already existing world, the game crash before launching me into the game. Since I can see the world in the saves file I suppose the world is able to be created successfully. There is currently Optifine on the mods folder. As per the rule here are the crash.log https://paste.ee/p/I2StM and debug.log https://paste.ee/p/ASm8E. To make sure it wasn't an issue with my graphic card driver, I've updated them to the latest update available (I have an NVIDIA, so the driver is GeForce Game Ready version 545.84). Just to be sure, I've also placed the launcher_log.txt here https://paste.ee/p/7yBwP Thank you for your time and help.
  18. Hello. I've got a weird problem, most likely involving one of the mods, but can't seem to find the culprit. I've been playing on a bigger 1.19.4 cutom-made Forge modpack and got it running extremely well. But because of certain mods, I've been updating it to 1.20.1. Right after I got the server and game to run, I've tried to join the server and have been getting some IndexOutOfBoundsException errors. I've been testing removing many mods, and out of nowhere it started working. I've then exported the modpack setup via CurseForge and sent it and installed it on another laptop. But here's the kicker. I was able to join on the laptop, but not on the main pc anymore. I've done more testing, removing stuff and all of a sudden the opposite happened. Now I was in the server on the main PC, but couldn't join on laptop. And what felt like random pattern I wasn't able to get online on both computers. I've tried making a fresh world, removing config folders on clients and server, reinstalling server and moving over mods + world folders, And I had one really odd experience. One time I actually was able to join the world with both clients. Laptop had a lucky run and was able to join. Main PC was giving uknown serializer error, and when I removed player data of main PC account I was able to join, but whenever I went back to my previous spot it kicked me and was unable to join back in. Oh and one more thing: On random rare occasion the client or server hits a fetal error while lunching - very randomly one of these 3 mods gets out of bounds error: Regions unexplored, let's do bakery, let's do candlelight. (Tried removing all 3 still doesn't work) Here are the log files: SERVER - Redacted cuz leaked IP (I didn't check it) MAIN CLIENT (in this case it was working) - Redacted cuz leaked IP LAPTOP CLIENT (Index 17196645 out of bounds for length 12) - Redacted cuz leaked IP I've solved many modpack issues in the past, but I've been really lost here for too many days now. Everything feels random, and it would take a month to trough each mod individually, but can't seem to find anything in debug logs. Thanks for any possible solutions. For anybody searching for help, here's what helped me: EDIT: Been doing more testing. On main PC the error encountered was this: https://www.reddit.com/r/ModdedMinecraft/comments/16wchk2/the_game_crashed_whilst_encountered_exception/ Solved by replacing Rubidium with Embedium. On the other laptop I was able to join a new world until getting the same error as before and being unable to join anymore. EDIT 2: Restarting the game & CurseForge Launcher on laptop made me able to join via laptop all of a sudden. It might be something up with CurseForge launcher. FINAL EDIT: So 2 errors were fixed like mentioned in last 2 edits, the last one was on main PC trying to join my own server with error: Decoder Exception: Unknown serializer type (random numbers here like 99) and ultimately it was cause by the Cobblemon mod. When updating the modpack to 1.20.1 the cobblemon had a big update, which broke "something idk what". And it was fixed by removing the mod from clients and server, logging in and then closing everything and adding back the mod. If you need log files for any reasons, msg me.
  19. I was supposed to play BETTER MC but I got this text " The game crashed whilst rendering overlay Error: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: null " and exit code -1 pasting crash report there https://pastebin.com/M5JiWE11
  20. I'm trying to export all the biome keys into a file. I have it working for items, blocks, particles, etc.. But for some reason, the biomes list is coming back empty. I am trying to get this list during the FMLCommonSetupEvent, I even attempted to run it during the BuildCreativeModeTabContentsEvent with the same results. I do not get any errors, and when I log it to the console using the below snippit, it logs "Biomes: []" logger.debug("BIOMES: " + ForgeRegistries.BIOMES.getKeys().toString()) I know this used to work back in 1.15, when I last tried modding. I can't figure out why it isn't working now, especially since it is working for all the other lists. Is there a new way to get a list of biome keys other than ForgeRegistries.BIOMES.getKeys() now?
  21. When I click singleplayer in the menu, the game closes. I couldn't find the installer log, I did what the FAQ said but I didn't find it. I use curseforge, the forge version is 47.1.3 crash: https://paste.ee/p/MX21H Debug: https://paste.ee/p/DfmZg
  22. https://pastebin.com/FaQ43RnJ Este es un error que me lanza al momento de querer iniciar forge Intente de todo pero no sirve nada. This is an error that I get when I want to start forge. I tried everything but nothing works.
  23. "The game crashed whilst rendering overlay Error: org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.throwables.MixinTransformerError: An unexpected critical error was encountered Exit Code: -1" Every time I try to use any sort of mods, I always get this error. The only crash report I get doesn't tell me what mod or file is causing it at all, and I've deleted the toml files over and over, cleared everything out, tried to spot check mods, etc. Nothing is working, and I hate to turn here. The crash log is as follows. https://pastebin.com/gjRdBYqc That's really the only info I can give, it won't give me ANY other information.
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