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Found 2 results

  1. My issue is as simple and probably stupid as the title. So, I make add-on for mod missing loot table. I found wiki for dependencies and in an effort to use less effort wondered if it was necessary to make an extra convoluted dependency structure to simply call to some items. I will continue to use my circa 2006 google skills make it simpler for me to grasp. I no good at modding( Obviously), but me learn good. I will probably figure this out before I get a response. TLDR; is there a difference in structure between add-on and mod? Ty for reading this far. Enjoy the brain rot from my nooby question ❤️ Eternally Noob, The Noob *edit-1.0.0* I have the loot tables ready to shoot I just need to properly wrap me head around calling to another mod without doubling the files necessary. Currently there are no direct calls to bring data into my add-on/mod/failure just the ?standard? "mod_id:item" calls in loot table pools. I.E. { "type": "minecraft:chest", "pools": [ { "rolls": { "min": 0, "max": 1 }, "bonus_rolls": { "min": 1, "max": 2 }, "entries":[ { "type": "item", "weight": 2, "name": "other_mod_id:item", "quality": 1 }, ] }, { "rolls": 1 } ] } If possible I would love to just call to the "other_mod" from this. If this is enough then I will forehead wall for a while....
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