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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I'm having a problem generating data from registered blocks, I've looked through everything and haven't found anything that could be causing this problem, so I come to the Forge community as a last resort. The log information is in a gist with the file data debug.log. This is the project link on GitHub: GitHub: https://github.com/eterium-network/quantum-praeda Solved, the problem was in the structure of the LootTables file generation class. Thank you in advance for the community's help! Original Text:
  2. Getting back into modding, the last time I seriously modded was almost 6 years ago. I'm pretty rusty and a lot has changed. What I'm trying to do right now is right a method that can remove an item's recipe using only said item's ResourceLocation as an input. From what I've gathered from older examples online it seems like the preferred method to do this involves using a DummyRecipe as that breaks the least amount of stuff (such as achievements related to a given item). The problem I'm having is that most of these examples are quite dated, usually being for 1.12. It seems that enough of the methods have changed for 1.18.2 forge that the implementation will be quite different, and that is what I'm struggling with so right now. The basic concepts are still the same, but some of the classes I need to reference and what methods are where on said classes has been swapped around, and its giving me trouble. I'm sure I could figure it out after a few days, but I figured it would make sense to ask for help as that may expedite the process. Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm updating my mod from 1.19.2 to 1.20.X, going to 1.19.3 as an intermediate step so that I can ensure my data generators work correctly before updating the rest. I have many lines to create configured features that look like this: ALPINE_ROCK = new ConfiguredFeature<>(ModGeneration.OUTCROP.get(), new BlockStateConfiguration(Blocks.STONE.defaultBlockState())); Registry.register(BuiltinRegistries.CONFIGURED_FEATURE, new ResourceLocation(Main.MOD_ID, "alpine_rock"), ALPINE_ROCK); Now I am on 1.19.3, BuiltinRegistries.CONFIGURED_FEATURE no longer exists. What is the proper way to register configured features in this version? Can this even still be done in code, or is this one of the "dynamic registries" affected by the registry overhaul? If it can no longer be done in code, what is necessary to do it using JSON?
  4. Hello, I got some code that won't register in Forge (MC=1.20.4), (FML=49.0.30) (It basically iterates through an array all supported Minecraft languages and picks at random one and reloads ResourceManager with it: List<String> languageCountryCodes = new ArrayList<>(); Collections.addAll(languageCountryCodes, "af_za", "ara_sa", "ast_es", "aze_az", "bak_ru", "bar_de", "bel_by", "bul_bg", "bre_fr", "qbr_nl", "bos_ba", "cat_es", "ces_cz", "cym_gb", "dan_dk", "bar_at", "gsw_ch", "deu_de", "ell_gr", "eng_au", "eng_ca", "eng_gb", "eng_nz", "qpe", "eng_qabs_gb", "en_ud", "epo", "spa_ar", "spa_cl", "spa_ec", "spa_es", "spa_mx", "spa_uy", "spa_ve", "spa_es_an", "est_ee", "eus_es", "fas_ir", "fin_fi", "fil_ph", "fao_fo", "fra_ca", "fra_fr", "fra_de", "fur_it", "fry_nl", "gle_ie", "gla_gb", "glg_es", "haw_us", "heb_il", "hin_in", "hrv_hr", "hun_hu", "hye_am", "id_id", "ibo_ng", "is_is", "qis", "ita_it", "jpn_jp", "jbo", "kat_ge", "kaz_kz", "kan_in", "kor_kr", "ksh_de", "kw_gb", "lat_va", "ltz_lu", "lim_nl", "lmo_it", "lao_la", "qll", "lit_lt", "lav_lv", "lzh", "mkd_mk", "mon_mn", "zlm_my", "mlt_mt", "nhe_mx", "vmf_de", "msa_my", "mlg_mg", "mar_in", "nld_be", "nld_nl", "nno_no", "nob_no", "quc_latn_gt", "pol_pl", "por_br", "por_pt", "qya", "ro_ro", "qpr", "rus_ru", "srp_latn_rs", "srp_cyrl_rs", "swe_se", "slk_sk", "slv_si", "som_so", "sqi_al", "ckb_ir", "sr_sp", "swa_ke", "swh_tz", "tam_in", "tha_th", "tgk_tj", "uig_cn", "ukr_ua", "urd_pk", "uzb_uz", "ven_za", "cymr", "xho_za", "yor_ng", "yue_hk", "zho_hans_cn", "zho_hant_hk", "zho_hant_tw"); // Shuffle the list Collections.shuffle(languageCountryCodes); // Print one code at a time for (String code : languageCountryCodes) { LanguageManager languageManager = new LanguageManager(code); languageManager.onResourceManagerReload(TroubleshootingMod.getResourceManager()); System.out.println(Minecraft.getInstance().getLocale()); System.out.println(code); break; // Exit the loop after printing one code } Minecraft.getInstance().getLanguageManager().setSelected("bar_de"); also does not appear to be functional.. Kind regards, Ensamisten
  5. Hello, I'm trying to launch the game with few mods but it does not let me because mojang authenticator... ? failed and i can't play. Someone may tell me what I could do to solve it please? thanks for your attention log: https://mclo.gs/ZYkKzCo
  6. Hello. I am trying to read the value (durability) from a config file for an Shield Item. I cant get the code to work and i need some help. So I just need help on how to call the value from the config file. The code from the Config file works absolutely fine. Here is the code of my Shield Item getting registered and getting the Properties. public static final DeferredItem<Item> LEATHER_SHIELD = ITEMS.register("leather_shield", () -> new ShieldItem(new Item.Properties().durability(MoreVanillaShieldsConfig.LEATHER_SHIELD_DURABILITY.get())){ @Override public int getMaxDamage(ItemStack stack) { return MoreVanillaShieldsConfig.LEATHER_SHIELD_DURABILITY.get(); } });
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