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    • Hello, I'm working on a mod that displays the name of a shulkerbox in 3d text above the block. I've been stuck at this part for the last 3 days, and have gotten quite a few false starts. I've looked at renderLivingLabel, but in the sources it includes GameRenderer.drawNameplate, which can't be resolved. I've also looked into the Tessellator, but the key methods that I've seen used seem to not exist anymore. In addition looked through the GitHub's of mods that display text in-game (Healthbar mods, minimap mods). All of this to say, I've tried multiple approaches but haven't quite gotten where I need to. (TL;DR: I've tried a lot of things, and a lot of things haven't worked) So that (finally) brings me to the question: How should I go about rendering billboard text? One idea I had is to create a client-side entity with no physics or appearance, only a rendered name. If anyone things this is another false start, or has a different approach they've used to seen used, I'd love to hear. Thank you   (I've mocked up the effect I'm going for using an armorstand. Ironically this is similar to the entity approach I mentioned ealier) (Also here is the code that will call the name rendering. It doesn't seem particularly pertinent, but if it helps it's here) EventSubscriver.java @SubscribeEvent public void onPlayerEvent(EntityEvent e) { if(Minecraft.getInstance().player == null) { return; } player = Minecraft.getInstance().player; world = Minecraft.getInstance().world; if(!hasMoved(player)) return; BlockPos bp = getCurrentBlock(); BlockState bs = world.getBlockState(bp); if (bs.getMaterial() == Material.SHULKER) { TileEntity te = world.getTileEntity(bp); ShulkerBoxTileEntity sbte = (ShulkerBoxTileEntity)te; System.out.println(sbte.getDisplayName().getFormattedText()); sb = sbte; hovering = true; } else hovering = false; } private BlockPos getCurrentBlock() { int maxdistance = 3; Vec3d vec = player.getPositionVector(); Vec3d vec3 = new Vec3d(vec.x,vec.y+player.getEyeHeight(),vec.z); Vec3d vec3a = player.getLook(1.0F); Vec3d vec3b = vec3.add(vec3a.getX() * maxdistance, vec3a.getY()* maxdistance, vec3a.getZ()* maxdistance); BlockRayTraceResult brtr = world.rayTraceBlocks(new RayTraceContext(vec3, vec3b,RayTraceContext.BlockMode.OUTLINE, RayTraceContext.FluidMode.ANY, player)); return brtr.getPos(); } private double x,y,z,p,w; private boolean hasMoved(PlayerEntity player) { double newX = player.getPosX(); double newY = player.getPosY(); double newZ = player.getPosZ(); double newP = player.rotationPitch; double newW = player.rotationYaw; if(x != newX || y != newY || z != newZ || p != newP || w != newW) { x = newX; y = newY; z = newZ; p = newP; w = newW; return true; } return false; }  
    • Dungeon chests are not marked in a special way. They are simply chests, inside the dungeon structure, which have a loot table set on them. You would have to write your own loot table condition which checks that you are inside the dungeon structure.
    • I was thinking that might be the problem with the imports, and i'll try that. Have any advice on making a serialized json for this specific issue?
    • Hello there!   I'm currently working on a personal mod, and I have a number of custom items I want to show up as loot in dungeon chests. I've taken a look at the Global Loot Modifier documentation, as well as the 1.13.x loot table documentation. I have a couple of problems: 1. In my hour of internet searching I cannot find anything on conditions (as part of the serialized json) related to dungeon chests. 2. The import statements: import net.minecraftforge.common.loot.GlobalLootModifierSerializer; import net.minecraftforge.common.loot.LootModifier; ...Are not importing correctly, and are showing up red wherever I use them.   Some further information: I'm currently using VSCode as a development environment. The Items in question are simple items, and their only purpose is to be crafted into other items.   If there is an easier way that does not interfere with other potential mods, I will get on my knees and beg you for the documentation.   If there is any more information I need to provide, please reply and let me know.   As a side note, this is a very simple action I'm trying to do. It should not in any way require the confusing mess that is the Global Loot Modifier, especially when the documentation is barebones. If this is the only way to do it, there should be significantly more documentation. Such a simple action should not require this much work.
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