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[1.16.5-36.1.0]Are there some new or changed APIs than before?


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After downloading the 1.16.5-36.1.0 version, I found that there were some changed APIs.

For instance, In Item class, "use" replaces "onItemRightClick". 

In World class, "isClinetSide" replaces "isRemote".

I've just started to program a mod so that I refer to some other famous mod such as TwilightForest and TConstructure (they are all 1.16.5 version but old). Their codes used old version of forge so that I can't imitate them and feel confused.

Now I downgrade my forge to use the same APIs of these mods.


So, how can I do? If the stable version will be as same as the recent ones. MUST I LEARN THE NEW API INSTEAD OF OLD ONE?

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2 hours ago, kiou.23 said:

refer to this statement on the changed names: http://cpw.github.io/MinecraftMappingData.html


if you want to use the old mappings you just need to change the "mappings channel" property in your build.gradle

change the channel to "snapshot", and the version to "20210309-1.16.5"

Thanks. I get it.

But I still have 2 question.

First, Is the change permanent? When the Minecraft 1.17 comes, I think lots of modders need adapt it. And then I have got to do as well.

Second, Will the old mappings be still supported in the future? If not, for the portability, I need learn new mappings instantly.

Well, by the way,there're two difficulties for me -- where can I learn the new mappings because the website doesn't provide; new-version forge provides a lot of hardcore premeters such as p_11111_11(is it a point?).


Thank you. I've searched for Minecraft Forge Mappings on Google and now I know what it's and how to work.

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