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[Solved!] Problems with mod (Ore Generation, error at startup)


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that's weird, you must have touched it by an accident :)


Anyways you see how many easy ways there are to do things once you learn more programming, so I do again recommend that you take some time to do that. But I do understand that coding is more doing progress and that's more fun :)


PS: Check you're PM box ;)

If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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I think one of the "quick fixes" i clicked opened it and did something to it. Even with a brand new block.java, the error is still there.... i am going to ignore it for now, i don't think it means anything if its the same on a brand new one. A while back when I was getting into Lua in the computercraft mod, once i discovered functions, i was like "OMG THIS IS AMAZING!" So im betting i will have similar encounters. I would never have known I had a PM unless you pointed it out xD I never look there.

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There's some setting somewhere to get it as a popup somehow, don't know where but you could find it somewhere under settings I think ;)


Anyways yeah, it's awesome with those "OH NICE!!!" moments when you realize something cool and you can just implement it and you're life is 10x easier and you're code looks so much neater ;)




Use good variable and method names, don't call stuff asdk and someMethod() even if you remember it yourself that way. Someday you will want help and then the code better be readable ;)

Also once you may want to work with someone and then it's kind of a must as well :D

If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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Yeah, i am hoping i can do that with the many blocks and items classes i will do in the future, it would be awesome to have them in 1 class.

Not sure where you may have saw a weirdly named variable/method.... Unless you are referring to the Block1, etc thing, which was a test : P

I am currently working with 3 other people, sorta. They help out test and sometimes make some textures for me, but none of them know how to program :( so that's all up to me :D


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