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Spawn Custom Structures [1.16.5]

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Ok maybe i found out how can i spawn the struct, but i don't know how to get the CompoundNBT from the ResourcceLocation of the file.
Can someone help?

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Ok, i finally make it work
I leave it the code for everyone that need something like this.


public static void readStructure(ResourceLocation res, World world, BlockPos pos) {
        if (world instanceof ServerWorld) {
            ServerWorld server = (ServerWorld) world;
            TemplateManager templateManager = server.getStructureManager();
            Template template = templateManager.get(res);
            if (template != null) {
                template.placeInWorld(server, pos, new PlacementSettings().setRandom(server.random), server.random);
                System.out.println("Template loaded");
            } else {
                System.out.println("Template " + res + " does not exist");


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