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Is it just me or do other people think this, too?

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To me, the first post in Support and Bug Reports, titled, "Rules and EAQ - READ FIRST OR YOU WILL GET BANNED". Is it just me or do some of the things there seem a bit aggressive and otherwise "overkill"?

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It hasn't been changed in a long time and should be updated. 

But no, it's not overly aggressive. People don't read it. Look at all the support threads. 90% of them are "okay i have this issue", no debug.log in sight.

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Posted (edited)

Fair enough, but to me, for new coders, like me, it's a little aggressive, because I use W3Schools for my coding, and sometimes it can be confusing(and its even more so with me being low scale autistic). I just was wondering, x D

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Posted (edited)

I mean, even now. I'm currently working on a mod I call, "Ores Plus"(and yes, I know 1.17 is adding new ores, but my mod, in theory, will have ores 1.17 doesn't, e.g. I'm planning on adding amethyst) and I don't exactly understand classes, objects, attributes, and a few other things, and in order for me to be able to successfully create this mod, even a pretty bad v1.0, I'm going to need a lot of help, and I like to turn to other people, because a lot of times, W3Schools words it to where other people can word it simpler, x D 


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Well, Minecraft Modding is not the place to learn Java or programming, I'm afraid. You need to have at least a somewhat basic understanding of Java and OOP to write a mod.

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Again you are expected to understand the java side of the issues you're raising.

We are not a school for basic java. We CAN address things specifically related to Minecraft/Forge. However the bulk of the issues come down to "You need to call this method" "Code no compile!" "You're trying to pass a string into a int.. that is not something we need to help you with"


Either way, the specifics of that example/code  examples has nothing to do with your initial message. It may be aggressive to you. But we don't really care about that. Things being 'overly aggressive' is purely subjective. Hell, it doesn't even work, 90% of the issues posted in tech support don't follow those rules. Either way, do you have something constructive to contribute or are you just wanting to let us know you feel a thread title is 'aggressive'?

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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