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A question that must have an answer, otherwise it is no question!

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Hi folks,

I am no newby on this, but after I saw a youtube video about a guy who survived 100 days on a nuclear apocalyptic world (minecraft obvious), I wondered if I could do such a thing myself.

I have running 5 Minecraft servers from home, 4 Spigot and one vanilla, so, absolute no newby. though I thought.....

Setting up forge was a no brainer, everything placed nicely on big server's E-drive, let the forgeinstaller do its work, set the eula correct, start.cmd made, gave 4 GB mem for starters, checked that folders were made and let it run.

I could enter the server, but the file I placed in the MOD folder was not active, the only thing that seems to run was a forge-vanilla.

Now I found this file (GreenFe's+Nuclear+Winter-3.0.zip) that worked on my pc standalone in a forge situation, but then curseforge, overwolf and other crap came with it, that I hate, and did not want that.

I am not promoting those programs if they only look at the client/stand-alone side of the story. I need simply Forge to recognize the zip file so that it loads into the forge server.

If for some reason zip files do not work, then please someone tell me where to find JAR files that I can try, otherwise it is FORGE = EXIT..... and that would be a shame...

Please help, anyone...

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For anyone feeling to give a reaction....... Never mind....

I found that simply using the software that gave a server, also gave the client, and it did not work to connect at all....

Sorry Forge, but it is far to bad to call a ' good program'  and so it is EXIT



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... You think Forge is bad because it can't load a proprietary zip as a mod?
That zip is an FTB modpack metadata. It contains no information about actual mods.
There's literally nothing Forge can do with that file.
It's impossible for everything except the FTB launcher (and maybe MultiMC) to do anything with it...

You can like, open the zip. It contains a list of the mods you need to download. In text format.

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