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Decrement durability of vanilla tools in crafting


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I want to add a recipe to my mod that has a block (let's say wooden planks) and a vanilla tool (let's say an axe) and I want the axe to loose durability when used in crafting. This is what I got so far (inside of ModRecipeProvider#registerRecipes):

Ingredient axeIngredients = Ingredient.fromItems(
    () -> Items.WOODEN_AXE,
    () -> Items.STONE_AXE,
    () -> Items.GOLDEN_AXE,
    () -> Items.IRON_AXE,
    () -> Items.DIAMOND_AXE,
    () -> Items.NETHERITE_AXE

    .addCriterion("has_plank", hasItem(Blocks.OAK_PLANKS))

However, this will consume the axe completely when crafted. How can I make the axe stay inside of the crafting grid and lose one point of durability?

(Forge 1.16)

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you can't use of the vanilla recipes for this. you'll need to implement your own. take a look at the special recipes (I think that's what they're called, the recipes for fireworks are like that)

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