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Using player skins as zombie textures

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 Hi! I am trying to make my own zombie apocalypse mod, and I want to make my zombies look different. A good example how it must look are zombies in "7 Days to die" game. I want to use player skins as textures for my zombies, but they look completely screwed up on zombie model. And, if I use player model instead, textures fit perfectly, but zombie walks like player, not like zombie. Do I have to create my own model for my zombies? Or is there a way to make player model move like zombie / fit player skin on zombie model?

I know you will recommend me to look at vanilla classes. I already did it. There are a lot of variable names like p_212850_1_, which makes code very hard to understand...

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Posted (edited)
On 7/2/2021 at 2:46 PM, Mad Alchemist said:

 Hi! I am trying to make my own zombie apocalypse mod, and I want to make my zombies look different.

Hi MadAlchemist, if you open the AbstractZombieModel class, you can see that the following controls the arms-out zombie pose:

public void setupAnim(T p_225597_1_, float p_225597_2_, float p_225597_3_, float p_225597_4_, float p_225597_5_, float p_225597_6_) {
      super.setupAnim(p_225597_1_, p_225597_2_, p_225597_3_, p_225597_4_, p_225597_5_, p_225597_6_);
      ModelHelper.animateZombieArms(this.leftArm, this.rightArm, this.isAggressive(p_225597_1_), this.attackTime, p_225597_4_);

public abstract boolean isAggressive(T p_212850_1_);

So the easiest way to apply this to a player model is copy the AbstractZombieModel class, but have it extend PlayerModel rather than BipedModel. You may need to add another animateZombieArms line that takes in this.leftSleeve and this.rightSleeve from PlayerModel. Finally you'll want your entity renderer to copy the AbstractZombieRenderer class (and add a CapeLayer from PlayerRenderer to your constructor if certain players have capes). Then player skins should fit your custom zombie.

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