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How to load files from the installed datapacks


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Hey I was wondering how if say you had a particular nbt file you wanted to be compiled with your mod in the data folder, how I could then read that file from the mod's resources in code, and if it's automatically checked whether it's overridden by datapacks that match that paticular file structure, and if not how you can do that?

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You need a class that implements IFutureReloadListener. Most likely you want to subclass ReloadListener instead (or JsonReloadListener for one that handles a JSON structure like recipes or tags). You need to implement two methods, prepare and apply. prepare is run asynchronously and is responsible for reading and parsing the data from the IResourceManager, apply is then called on the main thread to populate whatever internal data structures you have from the parsed data.

Then you have to register your listener using AddReloadListenerEvent.

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