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Item textures doesn't load.


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I'm SURE that did everything right, but it just doesn't load. I'm trying to create a custom armor and I already did it before. I simply can't comprehend where is the problem, textures from Armor's Item just don't show up (but the armor texture itself while wearing works fine).

	public static final RegistryObject<Item> LAVA_BOOTS = ITEMS.register("lava_boots", 
			() -> new ArmorItem(LavaMaterial.LAVA_ARMOR, EquipmentSlotType.FEET,
					new Item.Properties().group(ItemGroup.COMBAT)));


    "parent": "item/generated",
    "textures": {
        "layer0": "lavaarmor:armor/lava_boots"

Everyting looks completely fine for me! I don't what happened!

My path:



My main class:

public class LavaArmor {
	public static final String MODID = "lavaarmor";
	public LavaArmor() {
		IEventBus bus = FMLJavaModLoadingContext.get().getModEventBus();
	private void setup(final FMLCommonSetupEvent event) {
		DeferredWorkQueue.runLater(() -> {


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[14:16:09] [Forge Version Check/INFO] [ne.mi.fm.VersionChecker/]: [forge] Found status: OUTDATED Current: 36.1.0 Target: 36.2.0
[14:16:21] [Worker-Main-12/ERROR] [minecraft/AtlasTexture]: Using missing texture, unable to load lavaarmor:textures/armor/lava_boots.png : java.io.FileNotFoundException: lavaarmor:textures/armor/lava_boots.png
[14:16:21] [Worker-Main-9/ERROR] [minecraft/AtlasTexture]: Using missing texture, unable to load lavaarmor:textures/armor/lava_leggings.png : java.io.FileNotFoundException: lavaarmor:textures/armor/lava_leggings.png
[14:16:21] [Worker-Main-9/ERROR] [minecraft/AtlasTexture]: Using missing texture, unable to load lavaarmor:textures/item/jade_ingot.png : java.io.FileNotFoundException: lavaarmor:textures/item/jade_ingot.png
[14:16:22] [Worker-Main-11/ERROR] [minecraft/AtlasTexture]: Using missing texture, unable to load lavaarmor:textures/armor/lava_helmet.png : java.io.FileNotFoundException: lavaarmor:textures/armor/lava_helmet.png
[14:16:22] [Worker-Main-9/ERROR] [minecraft/AtlasTexture]: Using missing texture, unable to load lavaarmor:textures/armor/lava_chest.png : java.io.FileNotFoundException: lavaarmor:textures/armor/lava_chest.png


I think this place, right?

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