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Minecraft Crash with error code 1 (Forge 1.17.1 - 37.0.2)

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So i've seen a few people with this problem, and its to do with Forge crashing. I read some Forum posts and narrowed it down to Optifine as it is currently not compatible with Forge. Seeing this problem, i deleted Optifine. problem solved, right? No. I'm at a brick wall, as whenever I try to load in Minecraft, I get the Error message: Exit Code: 0. (Log Here: https://pastebin.com/AzGmMWu3 ). My mods folder is jammed, and there are multiple outdated mods for 1.16.5 that shouldn't make a difference. If you can help  me in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)


Screenshot 2021-07-25 115544.png

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If you have a look at my Mods list, I removed Optifine and got the same issue with 'Error Code: 1'. That is Optifabric (A fabric version with Optifine, but a different Mod)


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