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I want to hire someone to update two 1.12.2 forge mods to 1.17.1

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I am interested in hiring someone to update a 1.12.2 mod called Tektopia and a 1.12.2 mod called Craftstudio (which is needed by Tektopia) to 1.17.1. Both Tektopia and CraftStudio are relatively large mods but I am willing to pay at least $800 (you let me know what an appropriate amount would be) for this and I can also perform tasks as long as you make it clear what I need to do (I know Java). The one catch is that for the Tektopia mod you cannot post the mod publicly (I talked to the author and he is ok with me updating the mod and hiring someone as long as I send it to him to upload to curse forge it himself so that he still owns it) so before I send you the source code for Tektopia I need you to promise that you will not share it with anyone else. I have already removed most of the errors that are easier to fix in Tektopia so I will send you the updated project.

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