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Sound Registry object returning as null


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I have been attempting to make a custom armor equip sound for a set of custom armor that I have made. I have registered the sound properly, but I have run into a problem: even though the sound is registered before the armor items are, the sound is returning as null for some reason. I know the sound works and is set up properly, so it must be something with registration. I have attached the crash report as well as linked the relevant classes from my github:

Armor Type: https://github.com/skiprocks999/Electrodynamics-Fork/blob/01b65b032b3cce7c5b5e71485af1c2f24e7874a3/src/main/java/electrodynamics/common/item/gear/armor/types/composite/CompositeArmor.java#L10

Sound Registry: https://github.com/skiprocks999/Electrodynamics-Fork/blob/01b65b032b3cce7c5b5e71485af1c2f24e7874a3/src/main/java/electrodynamics/SoundRegister.java#L13

Item Registration: https://github.com/skiprocks999/Electrodynamics-Fork/blob/01b65b032b3cce7c5b5e71485af1c2f24e7874a3/src/main/java/electrodynamics/DeferredRegisters.java#L300

Registry Registration in Mod Class: https://github.com/skiprocks999/Electrodynamics-Fork/blob/01b65b032b3cce7c5b5e71485af1c2f24e7874a3/src/main/java/electrodynamics/Electrodynamics.java#L59


I imagine I'll kick myself when the problem is found. Any help would be appreciated!


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3 minutes ago, skip999 said:

Here you are trying to access the sound event from the class initialization. But that sound event is only available after the sound registry event has fired. From a static initializer you cannot guarantee this is the case. Your CompositeArmor should store the RegistryObject, not the SoundEvent. Then just call get in getSoundEvent.

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