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[1.16.5] Cannot invoke EntityRenderer because "entityrenderer" is null :Unexpected Error


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Hi, I'm new to java and coding and I wanted to create an entity (an example one) just to see how it works and runs. However, when I summon the entity the game crashes and in the crash log it says the following error in the title. Been stuck for 2 days now as I don't know what's wrong with it.

Crash Report - https://hastebin.com/goxemoquta.http

My code:

Main Class - https://hastebin.com/yiluqavazu.swift

Rendering Registries - https://hastebin.com/ikakegaqum.swift

EntityTypeInit - https://hastebin.com/ayewuhevov.swift

ExampleEntityModel - https://hastebin.com/uvozeretum.yaml

ExampleEntityRenderer - https://hastebin.com/uwijivifax.java

ExampleEntity - https://hastebin.com/bawijecimi.java


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@poopoodice Thank you so much the game doesn't crash anymore when I load the world now. It's always the little things. The texture of the model hasn't loaded but i can probably fix this. But honestly thanks. Appreciate it.

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@poopoodice I got a problem again. The game no longer crashes but the model texture of the entity looks like this and the texture for the model is provided too. Any reason why this might be? It's supposed to look like a penguin





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Hey @diesieben07 even with the getAddEntityPacket and getEntitySpawningPacket my textures aren't loading and the entity is either invisible or is visible but in a very wrong state. Can you have a look at my code and see what's wrong with it?

My EntityTypeInit - https://pastebin.com/8rY2gnma

My ExampleEntity -https://pastebin.com/PymCXQiH

My ExampleEntityModel - https://pastebin.com/sgtS6yeA

My ExampleEntityRenderer - https://pastebin.com/BsCqtgUL

My ClientEventBusSubscriber - https://pastebin.com/MNnWr1Kv

My WeatherMod(main java) - https://pastebin.com/5hQqjsSX


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    • Thanks everybody! I managed to fix it. I just had some missing attributes in my OilFluid class
    • W10 Pro. Android 11 on my S20+(or is it 12 already?). My two other computers are running on W10 home, all behind G-Data security suite, and a Fritz. I'm supposed to use Linux, no? I hate making things compatible, and Linux has limited access to some games I love, so...Mac is even worth I guess? I'm buying servers btw. It's not I couldn't set one up for Linux, but I lack the skills in online security, and I'm paranoid. So not a good combo I guess?
    • Yeah, the whole registry process can be quite confusing and daunting for how MC is working nowadays, but once you get the grasp of it, it actually saves a whole lot of effort, and quantity of code. I'd spend 3 days+ to actually figure I had to apply the getter(.get())[<-- is this even named getter?], to any of the .class references, because stupid Eclipse refused to de-obfuscate the source of problems. It was just making stupid a** auto fix suggestions, that didn't help at all. Google found the answer quite often though. And don't even get me started when I was trying to implement the Oil to world generation. I was literally tearing my hair out for days. But don't give up. We're not the only ones dealing with the reinvention of MC code wheel. I mean I get it. There's always room for improvements. But a wheel is just a wheel, right?
    • Thank you everybody, I have figured out the cause. I was accidentally passing in the constructor for the Fluids instead of the RegistryObject. I changed: super(new ForgeFlowingFluid.Properties( OilFluid.Source::new, OilFluid.Flowing::new, to: super(new ForgeFlowingFluid.Properties( ModFluids.OIL, ModFluids.FLOWING_OIL, And now the fluid actually works! But it doesn't spread though, I think I'd be able to figured it out from now. Thanks a lot Luis_ST and Cratthorax!
    • Because I was used to doing it like that in the past. Also, a block is very sparse in code quantity. Also, also, I would use the blocks to check against blocks of same type at lower levels, to mark as an indicator to what can be found digging deeper into the ground. Doing that with anything but the same object type is just unnecessarily bloating code. However, I had to use creative ways to get something working. What I did was rendering my block and its voxel shape invisible, make it nonsolid and notBlockMovement, then apply the randomTick() method, and using this: worldIn.destroyBlock(pos, true);...which basically drops the item after the blocks gets randomly destroyed. The good thing about that is, with the new DataPack function, I can do all that stuff with a single block object, and then just use instances of other block registers and their properties. I can also customize the loot tables for any of them, but don't need an actual block.class for any of them. Given how I have more then 60 ore blocks in my old mod, that is a really great thing about newer MC versions. The final solution was actually found in vanilla Block.AIR, after messing around with various methods, none of them doing what was easily done in the past MC versions with onBlockAdded(), and dropBlockAsItem(). I'll just leave the block code, and register code here for reference, which should give you a picture of the many things I was trying without success:
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