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Command Line Arguments


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Hello Everyone this is my first post so sorry if I screw it up,


I am looking for a way to specify the mods folder via command line arguments maybe something like this


java -jar forge.jar --mods "<mods-folder>"

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There are three command line arguments you can use for this.

  • --mavenRoots - this must be set to a list of directories (relative to .minecraft or absolute) to search for (comma separated). These directories will be searched for any mods you specify with the other two arguments.
  • --mods - this can be set to a list of comma separated mod "coordinates". This has a format of 
    <groupId>:<artifactId>[:<classifier>]:<version>[@extension] (things in [ ] are optional).
    groupdId will be split into parts separated by . (if there are any dots).
    The file name will be constructed: artifactId-version-classifier.extension (extension defaults to .jar and classifier can be left out).
    The final path will then be:

    Each of these paths will then be looked for in the mavenRoots you've given with the mavenRoots argument.
  • --modLists - this can be set to a list of comma separated mod list files (relative to .minecraft or absolute). The file name must end with ".list". These files must be normal text files, each line represents a mod coordinate like described above.

Disclaimer: I've not used this, this is written from reading through the code. Also I don't know if anyone actually uses this (looking at you Curse launcher!!!).

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