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Seeking information on the ProjectileItemEntity constructors


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I am looking at trying to combine three separate projectiles into one as they share a lot of redundancy. However, I need to know a little bit more about how the three constructors of the ProjectileItemEntity class are called by the game.

Currently, the three constructors are:

>public ProjectileItemEntity(EntityType<? extends ProjectileItemEntity> type, World worldIn)

>public ProjectileItemEntity(EntityType<? extends ProjectileItemEntity> type, double x, double y, double z, World worldIn)

>public ProjectileItemEntity(EntityType<? extends ProjectileItemEntity> type, LivingEntity livingEntityIn, World worldIn)

I know that you are able to call one of these three in your CustomProjectile class when you when you want to summon an entity (say firing one from some sort of custom weapon). However, is this the ONLY time these constructors will be called, or will the server call one of them when say loading one from memory or rendering in a chunk? Before I start tinkering under the hood, I want to make sure I don't break the engine as it were.


Thanks in advance!

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