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On 8/14/2021 at 4:34 PM, Luis_ST said:

PlayerEntity#position returns the current player pos as an Vec3
PlayerEntity#teleportToWithTicket teleports the player to the given position

I figured out what # is, but can you please give me an example code on how to use it? I tried to create a variable of type String (String PlPos = getPosition (); but nothing works for me

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    • Ok thank you I made it like this and it works. @SubscribeEvent @OnlyIn(Dist.CLIENT) public static void RenderHUD(final RenderGameOverlayEvent event){ if (isRampage){ int screenColor = 0xfff00000; Minecraft mc = Minecraft.getInstance(); MatrixStack stack = event.getMatrixStack(); stack.pushPose(); int w = (mc.getWindow().getGuiScaledWidth()); int h = (mc.getWindow().getGuiScaledHeight()); float r = (float) (screenColor >> 16 & 255) / 255.0F; float g = (float) (screenColor >> 8 & 255) / 255.0F; float b = (float) (screenColor & 255) / 255.0F; float a = (1/ 100f) * (screenColor >> 24 & 255) / 255F; RenderSystem.disableTexture(); RenderSystem.enableBlend(); RenderSystem.disableAlphaTest(); RenderSystem.blendFuncSeparate(770, 771, 1, 0); RenderSystem.shadeModel(7425); Tessellator tessellator = Tessellator.getInstance(); Matrix4f matrix = stack.last().pose(); BufferBuilder worldrenderer = tessellator.getBuilder(); worldrenderer.begin(7, DefaultVertexFormats.POSITION_COLOR); worldrenderer.vertex(matrix, 0, h, mc.gui.getBlitOffset()).color(r, g, b, a).endVertex(); worldrenderer.vertex(matrix, w, h, mc.gui.getBlitOffset()).color(r, g, b, a).endVertex(); worldrenderer.vertex(matrix, w, 0, mc.gui.getBlitOffset()).color(r, g, b, a).endVertex(); worldrenderer.vertex(matrix, 0, 0, mc.gui.getBlitOffset()).color(r, g, b, a).endVertex(); tessellator.end(); RenderSystem.shadeModel(7424); RenderSystem.disableBlend(); RenderSystem.enableAlphaTest(); RenderSystem.enableTexture(); } }  
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