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1.16.5 server keeps crashing/not starting

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HI there anyone reading this

I'm trying to create a minecraft server me and my friends after getting a new pc for it

I downlaoded everything and added the mods, but then when I try to start it then it satrats up but crashes after 1 second of running

Here's the debug log: https://gist.github.com/Tatshino/604a99994e455dc237674ed1bbe940b4

Any help anyone can give will be helpful!

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[15Aug2021 12:14:38.787] [Netty Client IO #6/INFO] [net.minecraftforge.fml.client.ClientHooks/CLIENTHOOKS]: Server has additional mods that may be needed on the client: mcwbridges@1.0.5, repurposed_structures@1.16.5-2.7.8-forge, mowziesmobs@1.5.19, pandoras_creatures@1.16.3-2.0.1, craftingstation@4.1.1, pamhc2crops@version, mcwfences@1.0.0, curiousshulkerboxes@1.16.5-, mcwwindows@1.0.3, patchouli@1.16.4-51, somnia@1.16.4-2.0, bettercaves@1.16.4-1.1.2, pamhc2foodcore@version, fastbench@4.5.1, cookingforblockheads@9.3.1, ctm@MC1.16.1-, placebo@4.4.2, doubleslabs@3.5.2, yungsapi@1.16.4-Forge-6, dungeoncrawl@2.3.0, badmobs@9.0.3, constructionwand@1.16.5-2.2, fastfurnace@4.4.0, mcwroofs@2.0.1, relics@, ironshulkerbox@1.16.4-5.1.11, mcwdoors@1.0.2, mcwfurnitures@2.0.1, walljump@1.16.4-1.3.7, smallships@1.7.0, dummmmmmy@1.2.0, expandability@2.0.1, bettermineshafts@1.16.4-2.0.4
[15Aug2021 12:14:38.787] [Netty Client IO #6/INFO] [net.minecraftforge.fml.client.ClientHooks/CLIENTHOOKS]: Client has mods that are missing on server: [extraarmor, create_stuff_additions, treechop, glasscutter, cgm, bmorph, cavebiomes, jei, morecfm, chaosawakens, doggytalents, projecte, create, citadel, comforts, fakeblocks, modernlife, travelersbackpack, bno, ccam, upstream, apple_cows, xreliquary, mha, threecore, toolleveling, secretroomsmod, tantrum, iceandfire, mahoutsukai, sworddisplay, waila, vm, animalcrops, createplus, titanium, biomesoplenty, silentlib, vehicle, create_addon, betterdefaultbiomes, towers_of_the_wild, cavesandcliffs, fairylights, portality, curios, flywheel, hole_filler_mod, quark, gravestone, camera, jujutsukaisen, securitycraft, autoreglib, inventoryhud, obfuscate, structurize, animeverse, minecolonies, appleskin, cfm, craftable, pymtech, kimetsunoyaiba, cosmeticarmorreworked, scalinghealth, geckolib3, supertools, dungeons_gear, createaddition, xpbook]

This is shown from the server ping I think, the log ends before you actually connect to the server. For a full analysis we'd also need the log from server and client.

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Just now, diesieben07 said:

And like I said please also post the client log where it shows the actual connection. The client log you posted ends at "Starting connection".

I compared the log endings between the log that you see and the log i have and it shows the same,

I'll try to connect again and then send the log if you think that would change the ending

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Just now, diesieben07 said:

And like I said please also post the client log where it shows the actual connection. The client log you posted ends at "Starting connection".

Ok, so I connected to server just now no problem when I tried to get a new debug log

I don't know what fixed it

But thanks for the help you gave!

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