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[1.17.1] Executing a command on client when player logs in

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Good afternoon.

I'm trying to write the functionality that I described in the title - for example, when the player logs in, he should automatically greet everyone with /say Hello. I have wrote the following:


@Mod.EventBusSubscriber(bus = Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.FORGE,value = Dist.CLIENT,modid = "examplemod")
    public static class PlayerEvents {
        public static void onPlayerLoggedIn(PlayerEvent.PlayerLoggedInEvent event) {
            Minecraft.getInstance().player.chat("/say Test message");

but when I trying to load a world, it kicks me with an error that Minecraft.getInstance().player is null. What I'm doing wrong?

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9 minutes ago, WhiteBear60 said:

check if it is singleplayer or dedicated server?

Connection#isMemoryConnection tells you whether its single player (true) or a remote server (false).

9 minutes ago, WhiteBear60 said:

Can I get server IP from this event


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