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Changing item's texture


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I need to change the texture of some items when its itemstack has a special tag. These are the trident, the shield and the other items rendered with the vanilla ItemStackTileEntityRenderer. I tried to look for the field name of the ItemStackTileEntityRenderer ister in Item.class in order to put my CustomItemStackTileEntityRenderer through reflection but I failed. So how can I achieve this ?

Have a good day.

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    • also there is a program called bearded octo nemesis that deobfuscate any .class files(is made for minecraft) but it doesnt work
    • I was intending to port it to 1.16.5 anyways, so yes. I am just porting my base to 1.16.5. All i am here for is to collect a few approaches on how you could achieve this.
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    • are you sure you have updated to 1.16.5?
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