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[1.16.4] Double Block Tile Entity Issues


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    • As far as i know you able to replace only helmet, but not rest of the armor pieces) At least it was before 1.12
    • Ahh ok  But also in mods with custom armor you normally use resourcepacks for the model (every mod has a built-in resource pack), so there really is no need. If you want to do it anyway ... it's your choice 
    • Well, im just learning) Wanna make my own mods in future.
    • Hi! You don't need an extra Mod to do this, you can just use a resource pack and replace the armor texture and model
    • hello. I try to create my custom chest BUT that's make me crazy. 1.if I put an item in my custom chest it become doubled, and if I click it ,it will be dispeared.:( 2.the custom chest what i made use the same container in different blocks.   TileEntity: public class SFCTileEntity extends TileEntity implements INamedContainerProvider { public static final int NUMBER_OF_SLOTS = 27; public SFCTileEntity() { super(TileEntityTypeRegistry.TileEntity.get()); chestContents = ChestContents.createForTileEntity(NUMBER_OF_SLOTS, this::canPlayerAccessInventory, this::setChanged); } public boolean canPlayerAccessInventory(PlayerEntity player) { if (this.level.getBlockEntity(this.worldPosition) != this) return false; final double X_CENTRE_OFFSET = 0.5; final double Y_CENTRE_OFFSET = 0.5; final double Z_CENTRE_OFFSET = 0.5; final double MAXIMUM_DISTANCE_SQ = 8.0 * 8.0; return player.distanceToSqr(worldPosition.getX() + X_CENTRE_OFFSET, worldPosition.getY() + Y_CENTRE_OFFSET, worldPosition.getZ() + Z_CENTRE_OFFSET) < MAXIMUM_DISTANCE_SQ; } private static final String CHESTCONTENTS_INVENTORY_TAG = "contents"; @Override public CompoundNBT save(CompoundNBT parentNBTTagCompound) { super.save(parentNBTTagCompound); CompoundNBT inventoryNBT = chestContents.serializeNBT(); parentNBTTagCompound.put(CHESTCONTENTS_INVENTORY_TAG, inventoryNBT); return parentNBTTagCompound; } @Override public void load(BlockState blockState, CompoundNBT parentNBTTagCompound) { super.load(blockState, parentNBTTagCompound); CompoundNBT inventoryNBT = parentNBTTagCompound.getCompound(CHESTCONTENTS_INVENTORY_TAG); chestContents.deserializeNBT(inventoryNBT); } @Override @Nullable public SUpdateTileEntityPacket getUpdatePacket() { CompoundNBT nbtTagCompound = new CompoundNBT(); save(nbtTagCompound); int tileEntityType = 42; return new SUpdateTileEntityPacket(this.worldPosition, tileEntityType, nbtTagCompound); } @Override public void onDataPacket(NetworkManager net, SUpdateTileEntityPacket pkt) { BlockState blockState = level.getBlockState(worldPosition); load(blockState, pkt.getTag()); } @Override public CompoundNBT getUpdateTag() { CompoundNBT nbtTagCompound = new CompoundNBT(); save(nbtTagCompound); return nbtTagCompound; } /* Populates this TileEntity with information from the tag, used by vanilla to transmit from server to client * The vanilla default is suitable for this example but I've included an explicit definition anyway. */ @Override public void handleUpdateTag(BlockState blockState, CompoundNBT tag) { this.load(blockState, tag); } @Override public ITextComponent getDisplayName() { return null; } @Nullable @Override public Container createMenu(int windowID, PlayerInventory playerInventory, PlayerEntity playerEntity) { return SFContainer.createContainerServerSide(windowID, playerInventory, chestContents); } public static ChestContents getChestContents() { return chestContents; } private static ChestContents chestContents; }   Container: public class SFContainer extends Container { private static final int HOTBAR_SLOT_COUNT = 9; private static final int PLAYER_INVENTORY_ROW_COUNT = 3; private static final int PLAYER_INVENTORY_COLUMN_COUNT = 9; private static final int PLAYER_INVENTORY_SLOT_COUNT = PLAYER_INVENTORY_COLUMN_COUNT * PLAYER_INVENTORY_ROW_COUNT; private static final int VANILLA_SLOT_COUNT = HOTBAR_SLOT_COUNT + PLAYER_INVENTORY_SLOT_COUNT; private static final int VANILLA_FIRST_SLOT_INDEX = 0; private static final int TE_INVENTORY_FIRST_SLOT_INDEX = VANILLA_FIRST_SLOT_INDEX + VANILLA_SLOT_COUNT; private static final int TE_INVENTORY_SLOT_COUNT = SFCTileEntity.NUMBER_OF_SLOTS; public static final int TILE_INVENTORY_YPOS = 18; public static final int PLAYER_INVENTORY_YPOS = 86; public SFContainer(int windowID, PlayerInventory playerInventory, ChestContents chestContents) { super(ContainerTypeRegistry.Container.get(), windowID); PlayerInvWrapper playerInventoryForge = new PlayerInvWrapper(playerInventory); this.chestContents = chestContents; final int SLOT_X_SPACING = 18; final int SLOT_Y_SPACING = 18; final int HOTBAR_XPOS = 8; final int HOTBAR_YPOS = 144; for (int x = 0; x < HOTBAR_SLOT_COUNT; x++) { int slotNumber = x; addSlot(new SlotItemHandler(playerInventoryForge, slotNumber, HOTBAR_XPOS + SLOT_X_SPACING * x, HOTBAR_YPOS)); } final int PLAYER_INVENTORY_XPOS = 8; // Add the rest of the player's inventory to the gui for (int y = 0; y < PLAYER_INVENTORY_ROW_COUNT; y++) { for (int x = 0; x < PLAYER_INVENTORY_COLUMN_COUNT; x++) { int slotNumber = HOTBAR_SLOT_COUNT + y * PLAYER_INVENTORY_COLUMN_COUNT + x; int xpos = PLAYER_INVENTORY_XPOS + x * SLOT_X_SPACING; int ypos = PLAYER_INVENTORY_YPOS + y * SLOT_Y_SPACING; addSlot(new SlotItemHandler(playerInventoryForge, slotNumber, xpos, ypos)); } } // Add the tile inventory container to the gui for(int i = 0;i<9;i++){ addSlot(new Slot(chestContents, i, 8+18*i, 18)); addSlot(new Slot(chestContents, i+9, 8+18*i, 36)); addSlot(new Slot(chestContents, i+18, 8+18*i, 54)); } } public static SFContainer createContainerServerSide(int windowID, PlayerInventory playerInventory, ChestContents chestContents) { return new SFContainer(windowID, playerInventory, chestContents); } public static SFContainer createContainerClientSide(int windowID, PlayerInventory playerInventory, net.minecraft.network.PacketBuffer extraData) { ChestContents chestContents = ChestContents.createForClientSideContainer(SFCTileEntity.NUMBER_OF_SLOTS); return new SFContainer(windowID, playerInventory, chestContents); } @Override public boolean stillValid(PlayerEntity playerEntity) { return chestContents.stillValid(playerEntity); } @Override public ItemStack quickMoveStack(PlayerEntity playerEntity, int sourceSlotIndex) { Slot sourceSlot = getSlot(sourceSlotIndex); if (sourceSlot == null || !sourceSlot.hasItem()) return ItemStack.EMPTY; //EMPTY_ITEM ItemStack sourceStack = sourceSlot.getItem(); ItemStack copyOfSourceStack = sourceStack.copy(); // Check if the slot clicked is one of the vanilla container slots if (sourceSlotIndex >= VANILLA_FIRST_SLOT_INDEX && sourceSlotIndex < VANILLA_FIRST_SLOT_INDEX + VANILLA_SLOT_COUNT) { // This is a vanilla container slot so merge the stack into the tile inventory if (!moveItemStackTo(sourceStack, TE_INVENTORY_FIRST_SLOT_INDEX, TE_INVENTORY_FIRST_SLOT_INDEX + TE_INVENTORY_SLOT_COUNT, false)){ return ItemStack.EMPTY; // EMPTY_ITEM } } else if (sourceSlotIndex >= TE_INVENTORY_FIRST_SLOT_INDEX && sourceSlotIndex < TE_INVENTORY_FIRST_SLOT_INDEX + TE_INVENTORY_SLOT_COUNT) { // This is a TE slot so merge the stack into the players inventory if (!moveItemStackTo(sourceStack, VANILLA_FIRST_SLOT_INDEX, VANILLA_FIRST_SLOT_INDEX + VANILLA_SLOT_COUNT, false)) { return ItemStack.EMPTY; } } else { LOGGER.warn("Invalid slotIndex:" + sourceSlotIndex); return ItemStack.EMPTY; } // If stack size == 0 (the entire stack was moved) set slot contents to null if (sourceStack.getCount() == 0) { sourceSlot.mayPlace(ItemStack.EMPTY); } else { sourceSlot.setChanged(); } sourceSlot.onTake(playerEntity, sourceStack); return copyOfSourceStack; } // pass the close container message to the parent inventory (not strictly needed for this example) // see ContainerChest and TileEntityChest - used to animate the lid when no players are accessing the chest any more @Override public void removed(PlayerEntity playerIn) { super.removed(playerIn); } private ChestContents chestContents; private static final Logger LOGGER = LogManager.getLogger(); }  
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