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Please Help, Enigmatica 6 (Server repeated crash reports)

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Hello my server was and has been running fine for weeks now, but today when I try to join it keeps crashing. Each time it crashes it is a new toml file that fails to load, after I remove it, then there is a new crash with a new failed toml file. I have even removed all of them and the same problem still occurred. 


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Hmm the first time it crashed but I deleted all the folders again and this time it seems to be up, but when I try to join it says "failed to synchronize registry data from server, closing connection" What should I do?

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My server is fully up but when I try to join my run.bat says "[co.li.co.ConfigSyncManager/]: Skipping config sync, no mods have registered a syncable config" and then my screen still states Failed to connect to server "Failed to synchronize registry data from server, closing connection"  

I have attached my latest log, for if it is of any use.


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