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[1.17]Identification of inappropriate tools


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Identification of inappropriate tools

    public boolean mineBlock(ItemStack stack, Level level, BlockState state, BlockPos pos, LivingEntity entityLiving) {
        baseBlock(stack, level, state, pos, entityLiving);
        return true;

    public void baseBlock(ItemStack stack, Level level, BlockState state, BlockPos pos, LivingEntity entityLiving) {

        int a [] = {-1, 0, 1};
        for (int ax = 0; ax < 3; ax++) {
            for (int ay = 0; ay < 3; ay++) {
                for (int az = 0; az < 3; az++) {
                    BlockPos aPos = new BlockPos(pos.getX() + a[ax], pos.getY() + a[ay],pos.getZ() + a[az]);

                    BlockState aState = level.getBlockState(aPos);
                    if (aState.getBlock() == state.getBlock()
                            && modeInt(stack) == 1
                            && aState.requiresCorrectToolForDrops()
                        level.destroyBlock(aPos, true);
                        baseBlock(stack, level, state, aPos, entityLiving);
                        stack.hurtAndBreak(1, entityLiving, (entity) -> {


But it crashes when you break a block without the proper tools.

&& aState.requiresCorrectToolForDrops()

I know this is wrong, but I don't know what statement I can use for the condition when it's not the right tool

In 1.16, I think you could use ToolType, but is there an equivalent?


Is the block being dug with the corresponding tool?
I want to add a condition to check

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You have to call ForgeHooks.isCorrectToolForDrops, which will check if the given player's currently held item can harvest the block. This might also do all kinds of other checks on the player, as for modded blocks the harvesting might not only depend on the tool being used.

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16 hours ago, ocome said:
int a [] = {-1, 0, 1};
pos.getX() + a[ax]


What. Gross.

First off, you could just loop ax = -1; ax <= 1 (same for y and z) and then use BlockPos.add(ax, ay, az)

Or you could use the static method in the BlockPos class to get all blocks in range and iterate over the resulting collection (the MCP name was getAllInBox).


Older code, but example of the latter:

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