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[1.16.5] Get ServerWorld from ServerTickEvent


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So I am trying to invoke a custom siege (rather than a zombie siege). I want this event to be independent of zombie sieges (ruling out cancelling the zombie siege event hook). The following code in ServerWorld#tickCustomSpawners loops through the ISpecialSpawners, one of which is a net.minecraft.village.VillageSiege:

public void tickCustomSpawners(boolean p_241123_1_, boolean p_241123_2_) {
      for(ISpecialSpawner ispecialspawner : this.customSpawners) {
         ispecialspawner.tick(this, p_241123_1_, p_241123_2_);

I've written my own Siege class... almost identical to VillageSiege for now... and I want it to tick on the ServerWorld with siegeObject.tick(serverWorld, bool1, bool2). However, I can't access the ServerWorld of a ServerTickEvent. Is there a static ServerWorld I can access for my purposes? Or is there a better event hook I can use that will offer up the ServerWorld object?

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I may have posted this prematurely... I came across the WorldTickEvent hook through which I can access the ServerWorld. 

I'd still appreciate any feedback from more knowledgeable modders... would my implementation with WorldTickEvent be equivalent according to my specification in my original post?

Otherwise, I hope this is useful reference to anyone experiencing the same problem.

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