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[SOLVED][1.16.5] Entity hitbox


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Hi I have a little trouble, idk how can I set the hitbox/bounding box of a bipedModel, bipedrenderer entity. So when entity is created I can hit her on legs but not on arms or chest or even head, anyone know how to cconfig that? anhy help it's really apreciated. 


public class verructRenderer extends BipedRenderer<verructEntity, BipedModel<verructEntity>> {
    private static final ResourceLocation VERRUCT_LOCATION = new ResourceLocation("livinglife", "textures/entity/verructtexture.png");

    public verructRenderer(EntityRendererManager manager) {
        super(manager, new BipedModel<verructEntity>(RenderType::entityTranslucent, 1.0F, 1.0F, 64, 64), 0.3f);

    public ResourceLocation getTextureLocation(verructEntity p_110775_1_) {
        return VERRUCT_LOCATION;




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Solved, close thread
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