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[Bug/Crash] Game crashes when trying to filter recipes.

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While playing, I opened the crafting table and the recipe book, and then I tried to filter all recipes by 'craftable'. All of a sudden, the game saves and closes, and a screen saying that an error occurred and crashed the game. This occurred repeatedly, even when I managed to filter recipes, when toggling it back or exiting the crafting table, it just saves and crashes.
I was playing with:

  • Cheats enabled
  • Command: effect give @s minecraft:night_vision 999999 15 true
  • Command: effect give @s minecraft:haste 999999 15 true
  • Command: effect give @s minecraft:invisibility 999999 15 true
  • Command: fill 149 7 -239 249 9 -349 air

Technical name of error that pops up: 

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "net.minecraft.world.item.ItemStack.m_41720_()" because "stack" is null

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open a new 1.17.1 world.
  2. Collect different materials (I went underground in peaceful mode and collected various materials and blocks).
  3. You must have cheats enabled. (I applied night vision, haste, and invisibility, and constantly changed between Creative and Survival)
  4. Change the game mode to Survival
  5. Craft some stuff, get things from a furnace, etc...
  6. Open a crafting table and the recipe book.
  7. Try to filter by 'Craftable'.

Crash Log:


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