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Crash When Re-joining

Josh Mackenzie

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Are you sure you read the whole document? I was at the loading phase right before "Freezing Data," when the screen grayed out and a pop-up read "Java System SE Binary (or something like that)" is not responding, and waiting for it to respond was of no use, and when I closed it, I received a crash report from the Minecraft Launcher.

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Another two questions, if you don't mind. Firstly, my display is 4k resolution, and obviously, you do not want to run Minecraft on 4k unless fps is in no way a problem. However, for me, turning down the resolution down to 1920x1080 and turning on fullscreen quadruples/quintuples my fps, however it stays at its low value when I repeat the same process with mods installed. Is this intentional, or is there a certain mod interfering? Secondly, what are some good performance-boosters for 1.16.5 forge?
Thanks in advance.

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