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Making Entity Data Persistent through logs 1.17x


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Whenever i logout and back-in in the game, the data resets to its define state

(how can i save the entity data to be persistent)


the code words, data is used flawlessly, but just doesn't save through game exit

public class TyBoss extends Monster{

	public static final EntityDataAccessor<Boolean> STILL_HOSTILE = SynchedEntityData.defineId(TyBoss.class, EntityDataSerializers.BOOLEAN);
	private static final EntityDataAccessor<Byte> SCOUNT_TAG = SynchedEntityData.defineId(TyBoss.class, EntityDataSerializers.BYTE);
	protected void defineSynchedData() {
	    this.entityData.define(SCOUNT_TAG, (byte) 0);
	    this.entityData.define(STILL_HOSTILE, true);
	public void startSeenByPlayer(ServerPlayer p_01_) {
	    if (this.entityData.get(STILL_HOSTILE)) { this.bossEvent.addPlayer(p_01_);}

	public void stopSeenByPlayer(ServerPlayer p_01_) {


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  • spiritfilled changed the title to Making Entity Data Persistent through logs 1.17x

SynchedEntityData is for syncing things to the client, not for saving to disk. If you don't need the data on the client, use a plain field, not SynchedEntityData.

For saving to disk you need to override addAdditionalSaveData and readAdditionalSaveData.

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