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kicked for "java.io.ioexception an existing connection was forcibly closed by remote host" while joining modded forge server


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Hello! So when i join my forge server i get kicked after a while joining the server for "java.io.ioexception an existing connection was forcibly closed by remote host". I often get to "loading train" or sometimes i get by that to an empty world and then kicked. I have successfully joined the server a couple times and i got that message sometimes then but now i cant join at all. Im running "all the mods 6" version 1.8.8 and i hade the same problem on a litle older ATM 6 server i had. First i could join the server but then not. My friends have no problem joining the server and when hosting locally i dont have problems to. This problem had happens to other mod packs and it seames it happens most to bigger packs because i had less problems with packs like stoneblock. I have tried the standard stuff like restart router and computer, disable firewall, restart server, lower settings. The server is running on a dedicated server on another network then me with modern hardware and good internet.

Anyone have an ide of the problem? I would be very thankfull of anyone could help me! If you need any more info just ask.

A part of console when me tries to join:

[11:08:02] [Netty Epoll Server IO #3/WARN] [co.co.Connectivity/]: Login payload for Registry minecraft:item is using 102.5076% of max allowed vanilla size and will cause errors during login if connectivity is not present on client side.
[11:08:02] [Netty Epoll Server IO #3/WARN] [co.co.Connectivity/]: Login payload for Registry minecraft:block is using 75.4108% of max allowed vanilla size
[11:08:03] [User Authenticator #3/INFO] [minecraft/ServerLoginNetHandler]: UUID of player (me) is (UUID of me)
[11:08:25] [Server thread/INFO] [ne.mi.co.AdvancementLoadFix/]: Using new advancement loading for net.minecraft.advancements.PlayerAdvancements@91c648c
[11:08:25] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/PlayerList]: (me)[/] logged in with entity id 1420 at (468.5, 132.5625, 4562.5)
[11:08:25] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/DedicatedServer]: (me) joined the game
[11:08:25] [Server thread/INFO] [mc.li.se.DefaultModSetup/]: Client logged in: sending dimlet packages
[11:08:41] [Server thread/INFO] [co.dy.DynView/]: Mean tick: 2ms increasing chunk view distance to: 6
[11:08:45] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/ServerPlayNetHandler]: (me) lost connection: Disconnected
[11:08:45] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/DedicatedServer]: (me) left the game


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I think this is an network problem because i have the worst connection to the internet of my friends i think. My router is wirelessly connected to the outer internet, no fiber for exemple. When im hosting the server locally i have no problem. So i suppose its a type of timeout or something like that. So do anyone know a way to lessen the strain on the network in exchange for processing power for exemple or let the cleint be connected longer to the server before timout (if its a problem of that) or any other ide?

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