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[1.16.5] Entity with dynamically changing stats (attributes?)


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Hello! I'm currently working on a mob and I would like its stats to be able to change depending on what/how many mobs are around it, such as dealing knockback if a certain mob is in range, or having N health where N is the number of nearby mobs. I was hoping to be able to use the attributes for this (.MAX_HEALTH, .FOLLOW_RANGE, .MOVEMENT_SPEED, etc.) but that has been proving more difficult than I anticipated. Are there any other ways I can set many different stats for my entity, but dynamically as mobs move in and out of range as opposed to the attributes which are seemingly only on setup?

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Attributes are the way to go. You can add and remove modifiers at will while the entity is "alive". This happens for living entities when they equip an item - the item's attribute modifiers are then applied to the entity, potentially increasing its attack damage or other attributes.

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That's good to hear, I really liked the way attributes had all the stats laid out. Though when I was looking for ways to edit them I couldn't find much, running setCustomAttributes in my entity didn't seem to change the stats at all and both the EntityAttributeCreationEvent and the EntityAttributeModificationEvent didn't quite seem to be what I was looking for. What would I need to do change them as often as I'm trying to?

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2 hours ago, Tybonel13 said:

What would I need to do change them as often as I'm trying to?

Finally found something, turns out I was overcomplicating it. Instead of firing events or trying to change baked-in methods I can just set values of the attributes directly. 

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