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Custom biome generation (where is my stone)


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I'm currently making my biome (i'm using json files). Everything is alright, but only top layer appears. Stone IS in the game, but just don't go to the biome. What should I do?

    "config": {
            "Name": "mymode:miracle_grass"
            "Name": "mymode:miracle_stone"
            "Name": "mymode:miracle_stone"
    "type": "mymode:miracle"



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Yes, it's in the correct place, because the top layer is generated correctly. 

public class MiracleSurfaceBuilder extends SurfaceBuilder<SurfaceBuilderConfig> {

	public static final BlockState MIRACLE_GRASS = BlockInit.MIRACLE_GRASS.get().getDefaultState();
	public static final SurfaceBuilderConfig MIRACLE_GRASS_CONFIG = new SurfaceBuilderConfig(MIRACLE_GRASS, MIRACLE_GRASS, MIRACLE_GRASS);

	public MiracleSurfaceBuilder(Codec<SurfaceBuilderConfig> codec) {
		// TODO Auto-generated constructor stub

	public void buildSurface(Random random, IChunk chunkIn, Biome biomeIn, int x, int z, int startHeight, double noise,
			BlockState defaultBlock, BlockState defaultFluid, int seaLevel, long seed, SurfaceBuilderConfig config) {
			SurfaceBuilder.DEFAULT.buildSurface(random, chunkIn, biomeIn, x, z, startHeight, noise, defaultBlock, 
					defaultFluid, seaLevel, seed, MIRACLE_GRASS_CONFIG);



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