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I can't import IItemTier in forge mod minecraft


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Oh no, while running the game this error came - error 8c539e9e-076f-4972-87e0-d0e9a484da8e I want to paste a print screen image, how do we do that?

IntelliJ terminal -

 FML Language Providers: 
    Mod List: 
        forge-1.17.1-37.0.109_mapped_official_1.17.1.jar  |Minecraft                     |minecraft                     |1.17.1              |COMMON_SET|Manifest: a1:d4:5e:04:4f:d3:d6:e0:7b:37:97:cf:77:b0:de:ad:4a:47:ce:8c:96:49:5f:0a:cf:8c:ae:b2:6d:4b:8a:3f
                                                          |Forge                         |forge                         |37.0.109            |COMMON_SET|Manifest: NOSIGNATURE
        main                                              |Forge Mod                     |forge_mod                     |1.17.1-1.0.0        |ERROR     |Manifest: NOSIGNATURE
    Crash Report UUID: 0a3215c3-e186-42a6-8d23-d7ca5f6b57ee
    FML: 37.0
    Forge: net.minecraftforge:37.0.109


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